Animal Rights

April 14, 2011
By mjk0731 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
mjk0731 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.
~James A. Froude

If you say we're all created equal, doesn't all include everything ? It doesn't mean who we feel like all being at the time, or does it ? Well here's your answer. All means ALL no matter what. When you say all, it means every single thing not just the ones you choose. Animals are included, they are living breathing creatures, too. To us they are food, but to them we are monsters. We create them and destroy them. This just has to stop. They are living things, not toys we can push around. They have feeling just like you and me. They are not clueless, they know what's going to happen next. Why treat them like their stupid ? Just because they're not humans ? Who has given us the right ? Man really must be all powerful, if he does not care who he destroys. You say I'm not part of it, but you really are clueless. Every time you eat or buy a tortured animal, you just make the problem worse. How would you like it if you were tortured to death ? You wouldn't. Plain and simple. Guess what, neither do they. We have killed so many and for what ? Our own personal pleasure ? That is simply cruel. Man must be the most selfish beings on the planet if they have to eat others to be happy. You think they enjoy being eaten ? Here's some news, they don't ! Here's a thought that no one wants to hear, but it is a complete truth: Humans are graves; they are living and walking burial chambers. Is that news to you ? How many years have you been walking around as a human grave ? Has it been 5, 10, 15, 20 ? Think about this when you're eating your next meal. How many animals do you think you have tortured so far ? How many have been hurt for your own pleasure ? How many have been killed, tortured, beaten, slaughtered ? I really hope this does not make you happy. The numbers keep growing everyday. People do not need meat. You think oh my, but I love the taste. There's my point. People are selfish plain and simple. I too am selfish, but not in this way. I am a vegetarian, but going vegan. I also never use products tested on or made from animals. It is not hard and the vegan food is very tasty. People can make anything taste like something else. You miss the taste of chicken ? They have vegan products that taste just like it, but no harm has some to an animal in any way. You can't live without cheese ? They have vegan products for that too. It's unbelievable how much the vegan products taste like the real thing. It is simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Stop being selfish. Animals do have feeling and they do have thoughts. I can guarantee one of them is, please stop killing us, we've never done ANYTHING to you, NEVER. So think about this the next time you go to eat you hamburger or your large milkshake. Think about the pain the animal was put through so that you could have pleasure. Think about it.

The author's comments:
I very much HATE people who don;t give a crap about animals. We are no better than them. Someone needs to speak out for them, so why not me ? The torture ends now.

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