A Dream Come True

April 7, 2011
By RideTheWave BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
RideTheWave BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
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For many years, tears drenched the eyes of downhearted Black people. Two tremendous men changed that forever. One thundered,” I have a dream!” The other,” Change you can believe in!”

The Civil Rights Movement was a terrifying time that took place from 1955-1968. Blacks were getting treated unequally, and Blacks would have to get up in the bus and sit in the back for a White to sit in the front. One Black lady named Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus so a White man could sit down. She got arrested. She violated the Jim Crow laws. The Jim Crow laws stated Whites and Blacks were to be separate but equal. The Blacks decided that if they could not sit where they wanted they would no longer use the bus. Soon, the bus services started losing money. Blacks were then allowed to sit where they wanted. This was a big improvement for Black Americans.

“ I have a dream!” were the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He dreamt of a time when Blacks and Whites could sit together. He wanted his grandchildren to be able to attend the same school as Whites. His dream was a remarkable one that touched the hearts of many Blacks. It did more than come true.

Barack Hussein Obama became the President of the United States on January 20th 2009. Barack Obama became the first Black president in history. His victory was an extremely historic event. My father woke me up saying ,“You have a new president!” I raced downstairs, ran out of the house bare foot, and got the paper. Sure enough there he was. It was the dawn of a new presidency. While I was watching the Inauguration, my dad declared,” You will be telling stories about Barack Obama’s victory to your grandchildren for a very long time.” The words passing through people‘s lips for weeks were,” I never thought I would live to see the day America elected a Black president.”

From the Civil Rights Movement to the election of Barack Obama, America has changed immensely over the years. People’s faces are still filled with tears, but this time it’s tears of joy!

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on Apr. 25 2011 at 4:37 pm
RideTheWave BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
4 articles 0 photos 30 comments
Thanks! i am glad it spoke to someone!

iloveTexas<3 said...
on Apr. 24 2011 at 11:20 pm
i like what you wrote . <3

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