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April 1, 2011
By Lil_Tk BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Lil_Tk BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Nothing comes easy . . . especially if you’re black. Hood rat, thug, thief, gang banger, drug dealer, pothead, drop out . . . stereotypes.

I don’t understand why I am stereotyped. As an African-American female I have fought to get where I am today. Told by many adults that I won’t graduate, I will have to drop out and take care of my baby. What baby!? I am on my way to graduating high school in 2013, and I plan to go to Spelman University or Howard University. After collage I plan to go to the Air Force as an officer. What so called hood rat has plans and goals like mine?

Remember when you were just a teenager and you were told you’re never going to be something? How did you feel when they crushed your dreams? Did you prove them wrong . . . well did you? Well I am just like that teenager who dreams are being crushed by some adult who don’t even know me.

Recall that “bully” who always used to pick on you because of the way you; dressed, talked, walked, and hung out with? Having to wake up every day knowing that somehow or someway make you feel like less of a person. Well think about this you’re a “bully” to me and other African American high school students. Look in the mirror your no different than them.

In Colorado African-American girls, have a graduation rate of 68.9% and African-American boys not far behind with a 60.2 %. This provides prove that we are not all hood rats and before you say that we are just another statistic or another drop think about how you felt. Nothing comes easy . . . especially if you’re black. We are the future so please think before you speak and remember that teenager you were. “One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all”-United States Pledge of Allegiance. Liberty and justice for all, not just for white people not just African-Americans but all. We are equal and we are one nation nobody better than the other.

The author's comments:
All I really want is for people to look at me for who I am not what color I am.

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