I'm a Nerd!!!

March 31, 2011
I am your stereotypical nerd. I play in my school’s band. I’m smart. I wear glasses. I love math. I am different from many people at school. But why, I ask you, does being smart, liking math, and playing trombone make me “uncool?”
All my life I have wondered this. Why, on every cartoon or show I watched, the unpopular, band geek, smart student was picked on and made fun of because they were the way they were? Why did all my classmates look down upon me simply because I made straight A’s?
And why, these days, are “nerds” everywhere being taunted and tortured merely because of their intelligence and interests? Why does no one pick on the football player, or the cheerleader? (Though I might add, anyone is susceptible to bullying. It’s just that “nerds” in particular seem to be looked down on by the world)
Do not make fun of us because of our interests! Do not bully us because of our intelligence! Do not call us “four eyes” and “metal mouth!” My fellow “nerds,” take a stand!

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