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March 28, 2011
By ChrisPerry BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
ChrisPerry BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
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When you prick us do we not bleed? When you punch us do we not bruise? When you call us “Fags” do we not cry on the inside? Gay, Bi, Lesbian and transgender teens Hear about 26 anti gay slurs a day which is about one every fourteen minutes. 28% of gay, lesbian and transgender teens drop out due to the amount of harassment they indoor.

If you think it’s hard to fit in, imagine being gay, bi or transgender in today’s society. Your teen years are supposed to be the best years of your life, but being gay makes it so you have to try ten times harder to achieve that goal of being happy. In my everyday life I am challenged to fight the words that people call me. Sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed because I am afraid of what might happen later in the day.

Several Schools in the area are putting in an anti bullying policy. In my school there is a very affective policy, If I decide to stand up and go to a vice principle, they take it very seriously. After an incident they keep checking up and seeing if it continues. With one incident one of the kids involved is now a friend of mine after the V.P had him right an apology letter.

Today Celebrities are now taking part anti bullying. Lady gaga has taken a stand against bullying. “I say this with the most genuineness from my heart, and that's that bullying really sticks with you your whole life and really never goes away." 3/28/11. When people are bullied they always have that fear in them of going to school and getting picked on.

Katy Perry has also stepped up in the efforts to fight against bulling. Her relatively new song “Fireworks” explains how even when you feeling down, no matter who you are is what you are, so don’t be afraid to show it. “Do you feel like your buried deep six feet under scream but no one seems to hear a thing do you know that there’s still a chance for you ‘cause there’s a spark in you, you just gotta ignite the light and let it shine just own the night like the fourth of July” (Fireworks Katy Perry) Katy Perry is trying to chip peoples fear away of being who they are through song.

Trying to be a normal kid; Justin Bieber was playing laser tag and was cornered and was called a “fag”. After this Justin went on the talk show Ellen and was stating how important it is not to bully people. In the interview Justin talks about being a bystander and even if you are there watching you are a part of the problem, you need to take a stand and don’t let people tear down other kids hopes to live a life and not get bullied.

Being bullied is a horrible thing, a total of eight teens have committed suicide due to the depression of being bullied. Bullying can come to an end, but you have to help. If you see someone getting bullied in the halls of the school, in the school yard do something about it don’t just sit around, do something go to a teacher and get help because that could be the last time of being bullied before they snap! If you or someone you know is being bullied talk to a parent or someone that you trust to help you. “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself.” Harvey S. Firestone

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