The Fine Art of Insecurity

March 24, 2011
"I called the cops as soon as I understood what was going on. I couldn’t grasp what was happening. I thought it would never get this serious. I thought everything was just fun and jokes, I guess I should have interfered before an incident like this occurred." This is an example of a high school teacher who should have stopped a bullying incident before it got out of hand. He could have saved a kids life by simply just telling another person to stop. According to, In New Bedford Massachusetts, there was an incident that bullies made fun of a group of kids so much that he alleged plot to detonate explosives, shoot classmates, and then kill themselves. If a parent, teacher, or another student had said something to the bullies and stopped the bullying, this deathly situation would have never occurred. Situations like these happen all the time due to bullying and a lot of lives are lost that could have been saved.

Statistics show that bullying is one of the 4 most common ways that teenagers die. There is no need for bullying anywhere. Bullying should not be tolerated anywhere. A prime example where bullying should not be tolerated is high school. The most suicides and shootings caused by bullying are in high schools. Teachers and principles should take notice of this and should crack down on their rules. All high schools have rules about bullying but not all of them take the rules seriously. When it comes to children’s health and lives, in my opinion, that’s when there is no choice then to get seriously involved in stopping these incidents.

Nobody knows the real reasons why bullies pick on others. Some people say it’s just a part of growing up. I think this is ridiculous. There is no need to bully others. Kids don’t have to bully others, they just choose to because they feel empowered and better about themselves when doing so. Another reason kids bully, is they might have a bad family life. They have much anger in their lives, and they take it out on others. Kids who are being bullied take much offense to it, especially when they get embarrassed in front of a crowd of people. This is why kids who get bullied end up committing suicide or shooting people that make fun of them. Bullies completely torture kids to the point that the kids that are being made fun of have no self esteem. These kids believe that they have no point of living anymore. This causes tragic situations that result in deaths of many people. This is the main reason why bullying is so dreadful.

There are two ways of bullying. There is physical bullying when you actually put your hands on another and harm them physically. The other way is psychological bullying, this is when bullies say bad things to kids, spread rumors about them, and embarrass them in front of their peers. Many people think that physical bullying is a lot worse than psychological bullying, however this is not true. They are both just as bad. Both types ruin kid’s lives and construct them to commit suicide. Both types are terrible and have to be stopped.

I have attended the same high school for the last four years. I am glad to say that I don’t bully anyone. I think bullying is the number one thing that high schools need to focus on. Whenever I see forms of bullying in hallways I try my best to stop it. I always say something to the bully to stop the situation. No kid deserves to be bullied. Bullied should be stopped everywhere. If everyone just got along and weren’t cruel to anyone, everything would be a lot calmer and better. People need to stop bullying. We all should come together to stop bullying everywhere.

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