It's up to us to deal with the issues.

March 27, 2011

In the world today there are many things that go unspoken of. Things that, to some people ,are important. Things like sexism, gay rights, and homophobia. But why is it that the world today ignores these things. Sexism needs to stop. Gays have rights too. And homophobia most of all needs to end, better than that, there should be a law against homophobic actions. I find that people don't take action on situations like this because tha simplt dont know how. They want to help, but have no idea how to, And why is this you may ask. Because of a lack of information on the subject.People dont want to sit down and talk about sensitive subject. Why would they? It it up to us, to inform people, anyone, about the subject that are important to us, things that we care about. It is up to

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on Apr. 9 2011 at 9:53 am
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