Has America Really Changed?

March 17, 2011
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In different regions of the world, people are born from different backgrounds, races, and families. In America, you can see the variety of people from all parts of the world either visit or live in the U.S. Because of this, America is considered an inter-racial country. Just because of the name, though, doesn’t mean everyone is treated equal. Whites are still dominant in America, and different types of races tend to have a stereotype label. One of the major stereotyped subjects in America is African Americans. There are three main types of stereotyping with blacks, and that is “all are loud and obnoxious”, “part of a gang”, and “all have big lips and a big forehead.” Whether these assumptions may be true or not, it is still considered stereotyping, which has had a huge impact in the US.

In America, most influences come from white people because they are the ones who first judged African Americans from the moment they heard about them. Americans have always feared immigrants since the end of WWI so with saying that, it is easy to conclude that immigrants have a stronger impact on American society. When comparing the American stereotypes to Black stereotypes, it seems to be that Americans are most positive and Blacks are negative. The reason being is because whites will look at themselves with a positive stereotyping, but will depict a different nationality with negative stereotypes. Black stereotypes consist of: dumb, lazy, criminals, drop outs, gangsters, mean, fat, loud, angry, annoying, big butt, gold diggers, and nappy hair. The only positive stereotyping towards Blacks is that they’re really good with rhythm and do really well at sports.

Looking back in history, Americans haven’t changed their views much on society. It’s a memory of association of why we think the way we do. Although the hatred has lessened, the stereotypes have stayed the same and haven’t been changed or proven wrong to the public. Part of this reason is because the media betrays these stereotypes as what they are. In TV shows, a lot of the Blacks are betrayed as the ‘ghetto’ type of person and whites are usually the main character. This only strengthens the power of stereotypes. To change this, the media could alternate the ways they’ve been setting out to the public. For example, instead of a white person being a main character, an African American should. And this African American should hold all of the positive stereotyping towards American people, and the American should be the ‘ghetto’ kid. This would reverse roles, and show the public that everyone is different in their own, unique way, and shouldn’t be hated on for false stereotyping.

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