How Can Society Prevent Inequitable Issues in the Workforce?

March 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Why is a female CEO or board member a foreign idea in our society? It is because despite all the advancements that women have made they are still being deprived of top roles and are expect to maintain their ‘traditional’ positions. Although 58% of undergraduate degrees are now held by women, many of the top public companies do not have a single women board member. Our society is missing out on the infinite amount of intelligence that these women hold because it is too difficult for the public to progress passed traditional views of women. Children that learn from a young age about the appropriate treatment of women will be less likely to discriminate in the workplace later on in their lives. In order for women to take on more prominent positions in today’s culture children need to be taught to about equality, the idea of traditional roles must be eliminated and new programs need to be initiated.

By introducing children to literature that demonstrates equality and shows a verity or female personalities they will grow up to treat and expect to be treated as equals. Humans are most impressionable when young so by presenting and teaching children about literature with powerful women they will come to expect women as equals in all stages of their life. It is also important to educate them about women and men in different situations with different personalities to widen their perspective. They should be encouraged to explore literature out of their ordinary comfort area so that they will start to think of the suitable treatment of women and their place in society. Introducing children to a diversity of literature with good example that they can follow will lead to more equal treatment of women.
Despite the fact that there has been colossal increases of the number of women attending university it is still a rarity to see women in high positions in their companies because many people are still unable to look pass the old fashion idea that women belong at home. It is only through the elimination of these beliefs that women will become complete equals in the work force. One way to eliminate pre-conceptions of traditions female jobs is through education. The majority of females are concentrated in early to middle level jobs; fewer than 5% of 600 companies’ worldwide had female chief executives. This is because traditional female occupations do not encourage women to aim for top positions, but the world is being deprived of everything that women have to offer.

Most women have more responsibilities at home than men and are often denied jobs because of these so special programs should be indicated by the government to assist women in the workplace. Women often loss promotions or jobs because employers assume that they will start a family soon and neglect work, but men never have to deal with this problem. Programs or requirements with more flexible family plans should be instigated to help women receive these jobs unjustly deprived from them. Even when women do reach the top spot there is an average of 12% pay difference between them and their counterparts, but programs ensuring fair pay would eliminate this problem. It is because of unwarranted deprivation of jobs to women and the enormous pay gap that programs should be set up to help make equality in the workplace.
There has been a lot of improvement in women equality, but the reality is that there is still room for improvement. There are so many things that women would be able to bring to the world of only they were given a chance to grow to their full potential in the workplace. Old fashion beliefs are only part of the reason why women are being hampered. People knew about this calamity, but very little is being down to help prevent it from happening. Educating children, eliminating traditional roles and instigating helpful programs could be the first step in improvement.

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