Teen Nightmare

March 2, 2011
By Jexican BRONZE, Heber, Utah
Jexican BRONZE, Heber, Utah
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I don't get the teenage dream. It seems as though teenagers can kick back and have the time of their lives with no worries, but that is a pure myth! How is anyone supposed to have the time of our lives when Confidence-killers think that think they are more attractive or have a better social life than the Undefended . It always seems to be this way from junior high to high school. No matter how cool a person may be, or no matter how many people are their friends, there is always going to be someone that is better looking, more social, more talented, or smarter than they are.

Our human reflexes are automatically focused on pointing out the worst in others, and depending on how many flaws people have, that is where they will be classified for the rest of their life in school. I see a lot of the Undefenders who sit at lunch by themselves because they have been rejected by popular pride. I just don't get why Ms. Popularity is popular in the first place when she is so snobby! Most of the Undefended are very nice people once we get to know them, but the Confidence-killers toss them around like old shoes because they have no self esteem, and feel like they have nothing else to loose.

I don't know how these people can't see that no amount of social rank is going to get them a better degree in college. I've always thought that putting brains before bronze would make you more successful in life, but I guess it doesn't make you more successful when it comes to being popular. I guess that's why popular people have such a problem with normal people; their brains were made to think the wrong way.

These people don't realize that after high school, your social life won't matter. It's not like you're going to be judged based off of your weight, height, or how many greasy zits you have on your face. It's always based off your knowledge. (Although there are some jobs that relate to looks, but only in rare cases). It bothers me so much to just watch people judge other people by their flaws that don't even matter, which brings down their mental self-esteem, and could effect their knowledgeable performance later in life.

No one needs to be put down just so we can be better than the person below us. It's like trying to climb an endlessly tall tree all at the same time, while pushing everyone else down below. It doesn't help anyone but the individual, and no matter how hard anyone can try, there will always be someone that is better than they are. It is much funner to stay at the bottom to hang out with people who just want to have fun, than to be a part of the chaos. Why be a part in frantically climbing an endless tree, when we can watch from below, having the time of our lives without a care in the world. That is the teenage dream.

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