Not So Pride About Prejudice

February 4, 2011
By Raiyen-F03 BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Raiyen-F03 BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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The First Amendment states that we have freedom of speech, but some speech needs to be bounded. Discrimination is something atrocious that occurred in the past, but is still a problem. Some people decide to live in the past, but need to recognize that today is the present and discrimination is something that needs to be prevented in the future. Discrimination has been escalated to the point in which it has become a substantial issue that needs to come to an end.

Releasing a stricter law about speech could adjust the attitudes of people toward each other. The snide comments that us individuals make occasionally aren’t taken seriously by the speaker. The listener, however, takes these comments to heart and may be hurt. I realize that the First Amendment does state that we have freedom of speech; however, some vulgar language is not tolerant and making snarky comments about another individual’s race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc. is considered vulgar. For example, France has laws that protect their inhabitants from being defamed or insulted because they do or do not belong to an ethnicity, nation, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. The law forbids any communication intended to discriminate. I am not suggesting that we ignore the fact that we have the right to speak what we feel; I am proposing that we need to limit the emotional and mental abuse that develops from discrimination. If our country enforced a law similar to the law in France, prejudice would become a meager issue in the United States.

Enforcing a law that would restrict the abuse of speech would help our country and its citizens. Once we have controlled discrimination we can focus on more important issues happening today. Discrimination is a step in the wrong direction and if the United States let all of its inhabitants be intolerant of each other, we could become a detestable country of our citizens and our surroundings.

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