A deeper look at Racism

February 21, 2011
By , Kentwood, MI
“She’s not black, she’s just an Oreo.” “Even I can dance better than her and she’s black!” “Hey you don’t deserve to be mixed.” “Yeah, to be a part of our race you gotta talk like this, listen to these artists and dress different you nerd.” I’m mixed black-white and I’ve encountered plenty of racism in my life. The sad thing is I’ve encountered from every race that’s out there, including African Americans.

I think that people aren’t putting enough emphasis on racism from your own race. I am hurt the most by racism from African Americas and they never act like that to white people or Mexican people or Asian people, just me because I’m mixed and I’m not controlled by there laws and stereotypes. I think that if races stopped picking on members from the same race then they could unify better and it would be easier to attack racism. For instance, if black people didn’t pick on black people or mixed people for acting different than them the whole image of a black person would change because people would stop hiding there heads from people that should be there for them. Then you might still see the scary gang bangers that are standing on the side of a street selling crack but you might also see the students going on the collage and graduating and becoming great things like doctors and lawyers. You would also see the mothers and fathers that work so hard for there children to have a better future full of prosperity.

If races united then how is any race going to stare down there noses at them, thinking only one thing, Mexican people will always spend their time mowing lawns, or White people will always be rude, snooty and preppy, when those examples are outnumbered by the other examples of hard work and intelligence and acceptance. You can’t blame racism on one race and then be racist towards members of your race because they like reading, writing, and get 4.0s in school. It’s still racism if someone is in the same race as you.

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