A Decree of Individualism

February 13, 2011
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To whom it is concerned,
The difference between me and most people, I will take the effort of respecting your opinion. I may disagree, and take the time of explaining mine, but once you disrespect mine, prepare for a different me. I do not bash, belittle, mock, laugh, at what you believe, so why should you to me? You should praise my choice to think for myself and to learn to not trust what everyone says.
But yet again, you decide its not good enough. This is when I will start shouting. This is when you should make a good point to turn the other way.
Most of the time, I will not bring up a controversial issue or even let a conversation stray to one, unless I have trust that you can be mature enough to hold a conversation like that.
So when you see the cold cheek of resentment from me, search for an answer in a mirror before you point your dirty fingers at me.
Sincerely, Difference.

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