January 18, 2011
By , Bloomingdale, MI
When we're younger, we all want the same thing. We all do the same things. Every little kid jumps over the waves at the beach. Like that wave is going to knock them over, and they'll never be able to get back up again. Or how we all used to want to drink pop for dinner, or get that new lego kit in the super market. It didn't matter if we were different then, or how we dressed. We all fit in together on the inside, just maybe not on the outside.

But as we get older those things change. We try to stick close to everyone, because that's how things were when we were little. Yet we can't get ourselves to. Some kids will pull us away, somewhat making the decision for us. And we just let those old friends slip away, like sand through our fingertips. And those kids are most likely the ones that never will have any other true friends.

We're all getting older now, and we hang out in our groups, cliques, possies. We don't even talk to those kids who we once called friends. We all hang out with the people like us. The jocks hang out together, the popular girls together,the loners together, and the freaks together. The loners or the freaks, they all hang out together. But only because they pretty much got thrown together when we all left them by themselves back in second grade. They aren't really friends. They don't hang out after school, or have friday night sleepovers. But they talk about the latest anime comic books, or the new science channel. So while all of us are hanging out on that Friday night, just remember that they're sitting at home wondering what's going to happen at school on Monday at school. Hoping they won't get picked on, or shoved around the hallways.

Every school is like this, whether you would like to admit it or not. It's true. We stick to our kind. Like there's no way we could make it by without them. And we treat those who are different like they're from a different species. But why? Everyone does it, we descriminate against kinds of people. Even though everyones different, it's like we've been programmed to think that those who aren't like us aren't worthy of our time. Well, you shouldn't. I shouldn't. We all shouldn't.

And those of us who feel bad about about those kids who get picked on daily. We'll say that it's wrong to those who make the worst damage, or so we think. But it's really us who made the decision for them to have a bad life with no true friends when we ditched them back in Elementary for that girl that dressed like you. We'll blame it on the bullies, but we could have gave them friends. We could have been their friend. But we let them wash away like the waves on a shore.

It's up to you how you live your life. But just remember the difference you could make in other peoples lives. Not everyone has to stick to the status quo. Stay friends with those who aren't the same as you. Because the truth is, when we're older at our twenty year class reunion, you probably won't even remember their last name. So be careful how you live your life, it can make a big differnece. The way we live, it's up to us. Some say that it's human nature. And some say it's a choice. Well now it's up to you.

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