2008 Lincoln MKZ

January 17, 2011
By Kailey Schwarzenbacher SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Kailey Schwarzenbacher SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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This is a print ad for the 2008 Lincoln MKZ. The ad campaign features print and television ads, along with a website for all Lincoln vehicles. The campaign was created to sell the car but it also tells the story of the girl. It was found in a Golf magazine.
The Lincoln MKZ was released in 2008 to target Lincoln’s younger market. The car is marketed towards higher income people. The young target market would be for people ages 20 to 35 that have dreams they want to conquer. The cost of the car is $30,790. The text which tells the story about the female seen in the ad suggests that the car can help you reach your goals.

The white female is shown wearing exercise clothes, she is stretching to the sky, suggesting the viewer should reach for the sky and not let anything stop him or her. She has a prosthetic leg, which isn’t stopping her from dreaming big. The background of the ad is a beautiful bridge. The sun is shining and she is in this field stretching for the sky. The car sparkles and shows it will guide you through life, no matter what is in front of you.

There are many tools of persuasion use in this ad: hyperbole, leadership, plain folks, and simple solutions. Hyperbole is used, exaggerating that a car will help you live your dreams. It is telling you that you need a car to live a good life. In reality, you don’t need a car. It is a want and the ad shows the reader it is a need to reach your goals. Leadership is shown through the female’s story. She tells her story about dreaming big and not letting anything get in the way. It persuades people to live their life to the fullest. She is a plain folk because she is not a celebrity. Finally, the simple solutions technique suggests to the viewer that in order to have a great life, he or she should buy the car and everything will fall into place.

Healthy messages seen in this ad would be exercising. It shows it is important, even if you have a disability. The unhealthy message is always using a car. A car is a want, not a necessity and this ad shows it will help make your life better. This ad suggests younger, fit white people should drive the car, and that the viewer should be in a good physical condition. The ad challenges the viewer to try the car and see if it will help reach their dreams in life.

What some people don’t see is the part of the story that is not being told. The readers don’t know what features are included in the price of the car and what an extra charge is. Some features cost more. Also, the car is not going to help you reach to the sky. It’s just a car.

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