Women Umpire's in the Baseball League

January 17, 2011
Why isn’t there as many women umping baseball as much as men? There have been six women umpires in the history of minor league baseball, and zero in the majors. Only a hand full of women enrolls in one of the country’s umpire schools. It costs over 2,000 to 3,000 in tuition to spend a few weeks to work on being an umpire. Women have had the chance to umpire in the majors since 1972, when a lady Bernie Gera won a 5 year law suit to umpire in baseball. She reversed a play in her first game. Nolan Campbell, the manager of the Auburn Phillies yelled at Bernie because she made two mistakes. “The first was you put that uniform and came out here as an umpire. Your second mistake was you left the kitchen.” Campbell said. After the game Bernie resigned. Another successful female umpire was Pam Postema. She spent 13 years in the minors, including 7 in Triple-A. She almost broke to the majors. In her peak she called two years of spring break. She was dropped in 1989 for supposedly ejecting too many players. She later sued for sex discrimination.

It is unbelievable how Bernie won the lawsuit so that women could umpire baseball games. It men can umpire in both baseball and softball games, women should be able to also.

It costs $2,000-$3,000 dollars to take a two week training course to become an umpire. That is a great deal of money to spend. If a male or female make it to the major leagues, then the money is worth paying. If someone is completely passionate about becoming an umpire they should go for it. If someone has any of the following characteristics it isn’t worth spending the money: lazy, not interested, their heart isn’t into it, and just doing it to please others.

It is stupid how that one Auburn coach yelled at Bernie and made rude comments about her because she went back on a play she made. It’s understandable to get mad from her going back on a play she made, but it’s unacceptable for the comments.

No wonder why there are few female umpires in the baseball league. Men don’t give women enough credit when it comes to umpiring or involved in a male’s sport. Women can be just as good as male’s umpiring baseball games. Even though women don’t play baseball, they could have played softball. Baseball and softball are similar sports. There are some rules that women would have to get acclimated with. Women can also prepare to umpire games: by learning the new rules, watch tapes of previous games, and going and observing games.

It is ridiculous how Pam Postema was dropped in 1989 for ejecting to many players. She was close to breaking into the major leagues. The players she ejected for the most part deserved to get ejected. It has to be a big part of her gender that got her dropped. If it were a male he would have gotten a warning or a short suspension from baseball.

Overall it is amazing that women are able to umpire in baseball games. How many more women will umpire in baseball in years to come? Will any make it to the majors?

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