Cyber Bullying

January 14, 2011
By , virginia beach, VA
Hate crimes committed over the internet need to be addressed as legitimate crimes that need fixing now. Invasion of privacy becomes a hate crime on the internet if someone is continually targeted out of hate by other people. There must be more media attention about cyber-bullying because people need to know that bullying can affect people in a negative way. The people who harm others from the safety of the internet need to face harsher punishments. Although Tyler Clementi’s roommate Dharun Ravi posted a private video he did not know the side effects it would have, yet ultimately the video led Clementi to kill himself. Bullies targeting others, they cause harm to others for enjoyment and satisfaction. Bullied by others, the victims can do harm to others and themselves. The criminal charges for cyber-bullying need to be raised so people will understand that their actions are not acceptable. One way we can help inhibit cyber-bullying is to ask the social networking site of today to provide a filter that will prohibit hateful comments.

Kathleen Parker author of “A Private Matter of Public concern shows us that the way that people treat those who are different is wrong: “Based on internet postings, it appears Ravi targeted his roommate because of sexual orientation.” Since we now have all these technological capabilities, such as webcams, key loggers, and cell phones, spying has become easier and easier, and “the result has been a cultural breakdown in decency and a blurring of the boundaries of private and public;” however, we have most of the technology to combat invasion of privacy, for example cell phone jammers and tracers. Through cyber-bullying our country is slowly losing it morals, but we can be the solution by changing the way we act. We need to fix the problems cyber-bullying causes now.

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mikey123 said...
Jan. 20, 2011 at 7:13 am
This article iso enlightening and i got so much out of it
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