Facing Prejudice

December 29, 2010
By TheAsianHeather SILVER, Wuhan, Other
TheAsianHeather SILVER, Wuhan, Other
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Is the United States really a non-racist country where prejudice based on race doesn't exist?From my view,many people still judge based on race.I've seen too many cases of racism personally to be comfortable with it.
I'm Asian.Chinese,to be specific.I hate to admit this,about my race and everything,since a lot of people made fun of me because of it.Asians have a reputation at my school for being smart,and people see me that way,too.I should supposedly be proud of it,but really,I'm embarressed.In school,people called me racist names,and others standing by would just laugh.Most of the time.Only rarely would someone step out and oppose to it.So I always try to hide the fact that I'm Chinese from people.
In the past,African Americans and Native Americans suffered prejudice from whites.It's a good thing that it's over now,but the fact that Asians are suffering prejudice today from other races cannot be ignored.I heard from my dad that a lot of whites are not happy that many students accepted into top universities are Asian. This is just one case of many cases of racism faced by Asians today.It's so very unfair.We Asians needed a voice to speak out the prejudice we have faced and are facing,and I am doing so now.Please consider carefully if what I have said is true.

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