December 3, 2010
By AndreaGMM12 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
AndreaGMM12 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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There shouldn't be racism in schools...

As a Mexican born American other people and I have experienced the calling and racism. Many who have been through the whole racism thing know that it is not a very good feeling, it feels like in order to fit in you have to go back to the place from where you come from. It feels like you can only get along with your own kind like Mexicans to Mexicans. Sometimes it makes you wonder what's wrong with yourself and your race. I have felt that way too but now I understand that there isn't anything wrong with me or my race it is those people who have problems.

I even know some people who make those racial jokes and it does not feel very good. Although they mean it or not, calling people names and just simply being racist is not good it isn't a joke to mess around with because you may not know how others feel about it and what their reaction is going to be.
Many times the ones who are being racist to you are the ones you don't even talk to, and sometimes they are the people you may not even know. Most of the times it happens I schools and no one, not even teachers, or the Principal do anything about it. Sometimes for a parent it is hard for them to hear that their child is being called names or that other kids are being simply racist to them.

Racism is getting so bad that some people are actually taking this to court because parents feel like school are not doing anything about it, and they feel like their kids are constantly exposed to the racism around them and those parents who are concerned about their children don't want their children to end up doing or offending instead of the ones to hear the comment.

Most of the times Immigrant kids are the ones who are getting picked on.

A lot of kids mostly teenagers are the ones actually depressed. More then 90% commit suicidal or homicidal every year just because of a dumb comment someone made.

The are a lot of kinds of racism. Like between girls and all this just beings with a little comment that someone makes about another girl and the rumor starts spreading around until nobody can stop it and the rumor keeps going and going no matter what happens.

Racism is also known as (bulling) others making fun of others spreading rumors about people and also just making people feel left out.

Another type of racism (bulling) is with boys. Boys like to brag about all the stuff they have to the people who don't have the same or can not afford what they want. For example boys who have cars like the brag about it to the other boys maybe those boys who don't really have friends that are always lonely really shy guys just to make them feel bad about them selfs also make them feel left out.

We have to make this work at least try to stop it.

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