Abnormality cause Bullying?

December 3, 2010
By JohnniK SILVER, Yongin, Other
JohnniK SILVER, Yongin, Other
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What does it mean to be "Abnormal"? Is it just a saying? Who made a such a word like that to be used by people. There's no one called Abnormal is there? Well I think the term "Abnormal" should not be used or even exist. The reason being is because that is a word which creates a boundary between people in the same society. Us humans are God's creation which God love and when one says that he/she is Abnormal, that is saying God is Abnormal. The reason being is because the Bible says that we are created in the image of God. Well they are same people aren't they? I do understand that the word Abnormal is opposite of normal but I do not understand why people use such a word to describe people! Bullying is when the one thinks that he/she is Abnormal. Bullying is a serious issue in the world. And I have made speeches about bullying and how bullying can cause people negatively. I have been researching about it and bullying can lead to suicidal thoughts or even get someone to commit suicide. Abnormality cause Bullying?
My answer is Of course.
Isn't schools meant to be a happy place? Not the fact that there are many school works to do but why is there Bullying in schools?
Why is people hating the one who has Abnormality.
I, as a person who stands against Bullying, I start to give love to someone who is considered Abnormal. to the society.
Can each of you who is reading this love your neighbor?
Of course they can but the fact is that they are not putting into action because they probably think that helping the victim of Bullying can lead to other people bullying you as well.
The answer is....NO

The author's comments:
I want Bullying to stop and I wrote this because I care for every single person in the world. I also wrote this to encourage people to love their neighbors.

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