The Difference Between Homosexuality In TV/Movies and Real Life

November 23, 2010
By KennaLynn PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
KennaLynn PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
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Despite the constant flow of Homosexuality in television and film, many people feel threatened and uncomfortable around them. Although people laugh and joke, when confronted with a gay, lesbian, or a bisexual person, others tend to stick up their noses in disgust. The society of Human Rights in Chicago, 1924, is the earliest known organization that supported gay rights, opening the world to gays in every form.

In movies and TV shows, homosexuals are portrayed as funny, out-there, and not to bright. In 1972, an ABC movie called “That Certain Summer” portrayed a gay couple ( Even though TV channels show gay couples kissing people still find it offensive. In 1993, two teenage girls kissed on a picket fence, but CBS ordered that it was offensive and to be re-shot in the dark ( Trying to block natural life doesn’t sound too fair, but people are self-centered and rather harsh. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation found that TV channels had drastically increased the amount of gay and lesbian roles. For example Fox network had 0 gay characters and it increased to 5 in one year, in September of 2008 (

Real life on the other hand, is completely immature. People see them as stupid, sinful, and odd, when none of those cases are true. In 1948, a book was published, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male”, and it announced that homosexuality was far more widespread then people originally thought ( People began fearing them and discriminating against them. So in 1962, Illinois was the first state that decriminalized homosexual acts between adults in public ( Can the world get any more ridiculous? It ended up that people were a little more kind about what they said. In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality off the list of mental disorders ( It just got “better”. Wisconsin was the first state to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, in 1982. Despite the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy that the military decided to have in 1993 people now are getting removed from the military based on the fact that they are gay ( Then an event happened which deprived homosexuals of equal rights. In 1996 the Supreme Court denied gays and lesbians protections against discrimination, labeling those rights as “special rights” ( Despite that accusation, the Massachusetts Supreme Court stated that barring gays and lesbians from marriage violates the state constitution. That was in 2003. And in 2004, May 17 same-sex marriage becomes legal in Massachusetts. ( happily things might finally be looking up for homosexuals. November 2007, the House of Representatives approved a bill that gay equal rights for homosexuals in the workplace. ( People still believe that there is something wrong with them. Many states aren’t allowing same-sex marriages, and more people are dying because of gay bashing.

In the worlds of television and movies, people act differently then in real life. When seeing homosexuals on the big screen they laugh and joke, but once they meet them in real life they are insulting them. What’s different between homosexuals in real life and in the media? People see homosexuals as harmful on TV and movies but they know that they aren’t a threat. Once confronted with them in real life, they all of a sudden feel threatened. People feel that gays and lesbians are different and sinful, as stated earlier. In truth, homosexuals are not very different from the straight people that are seen on the streets or when people look at their reflections. In television and movies, gays and lesbians are laughing and having a good time, but in real life they are being bashed and hated on. Is that really fair to people that have done nothing wrong? Discrimination doesn’t get people far it ends them in pure pain and tears. Now gay and lesbians are afraid to tell others because they have a fear of being abused and harmed. No human person should feel this way. They are no different than anyone walking outside right now, but they are treated as animals and beaten until they die.

People may see them as these things and the media might show them wrong, but if people would take the time they would see that they are just the same. Homosexuality is not different then being straight. And it all started in1924 with The society of Human Rights in Chicago this is the earliest known organization to support gay rights, and opened the world to gays in every form.

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