The Label

October 23, 2010
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I have looked back upon my life. And realized that much of what angers me are labels unfairly placed. What do I mean? Well, when something negative happens to something, people immediately associate anything related to it with the negative label.
An example?
My life.
How come my life?
See, it began with my nationality and my name.
There must be rarely any human being, except kids and some teens, that have never heard the name Pablo Escobar. Richest criminal in the world. Murderer. Drug dealer. The motherf#!$%r who ruined much of Colombia. I am Colombian. I am called Pablo. Because of this, I carried a burden in many places of being associated with him, as well as many Colombians having to have lived years ago with the burden of being asked "Do you know Pablo Escobar?" by people worldwide. And many times he overshadows other Pablos, or Pauls. Picasso, Klee, McCartney, the list goes on. But in my situation, the damn name kept reappearing. I guess that is why I worry som much about social issues, why I am a pacifist. I guess I carry that stigma, and I feel I have too change that label. Which brings me to another point.
I am a socialist democrat.
I'm not afraid to say it.
But the left looks too bad. People use the U.S.S.R, China, and other countries as examples. But I lived 9 years in Venezuela, where a so called "socialist" has ruined the country and the title of socialism in South America. This angers me, because I know I will live with a negative view on my political leanings in those countries close to me.
And finally, this very man, the president of Venezuela, idolizes many figures. Some I idolize, others I don't.
Salvador Allende.
Socialist president, overthrown.
And my claiming he is one of his idols, everyone I know despises him, just because of that. They don't know who he was, just that he is EEEEEVIL.
Not just that, but Che is also part of this.
I believe strongly in Ernesto Guevara's ideas of social change, and helping the poor.
I am disgusted at Che's solution of war and violence.
Twice I have put pics of Che, parodying him. Yet, people close to me don't get it, and believe I support him.

So why is it, that when people, places or events get a bad name, that we immediately have to shed a negative light on them?

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