234 Years of "Equality"

October 4, 2010
By JMV321 BRONZE, Garden Grove, California
JMV321 BRONZE, Garden Grove, California
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Our nation thrived itself on its equality and freedom and yet same sex marriages are prohibited in several states nation wide. I haven't lived through any discrimination but I am well caught up on my history. When we first broke free from Great Britain grasp and settled that the power belong with the people. But when a small amount of that people is cut off because of their sexuality. After the War for Independence, most of the Southern colonies had African slaves. Thanks to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, slavery was almost non-existent. Still though black men and women still faced discrimination during the 1950s and 1960s, Martin Luther King Jr. stop the bigot almost for good. Asians during the California gold rush were blamed for taking the jobs of white workers because they accepted less pay. To add salt to the wound, they weren't even allowed to become citizen and could not buy land. Now ,as of 2008, there are about 13,000,000 Asians residing in America. Why even Catholicism( which is a branch of Christianity) was faced by Protestants believing that it would ruin the "American Way of Living". But look at it now, about one quarter of the United States of America is now Catholic. Why even women(Our sisters,mothers,girlfriends,aunt, grandmothers,etc) faced it. Remember the Declaration of Independence? The only people mentioned in the historic document were white men, particularly men with wealth. The Great Depression sparked riots and lynching to several minority groups among the States. However of course, that started to decline around the 1900s.

Many people who stick by their religion(I am Catholic and straight myself) are the most known of rejecting even the slightest thoughts about gays.

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him"-Genesis 1:27

So in perspective, would God had not prevent gays if he opposes them? In that short passage, would He had made a mistake if He is an all powerful being. Lets not forget the consequences

One thing I learned so far in my life is that when an unfair rule/law is suppressed, the ones receiving the law/rule will rebel even further. Discrimination gave birth to some of the most hated groups in the world. As you all know, the Nazis were prime examples. They fed on bigotry and strove for the "perfect race". Which of course led to somewhat 60 million deaths. Even currently in America, small groups of supremacists thrives. The KKK and the Black Panthers still exists even if they're numbers are small.

But not all the bigotry was made by powerful groups.

The vigil was also a rally and call for action to address the growing incidence of gay suicides "as a result of homophobic bullying".

Clementi, an 18 year old freshman at Rutgers University in New Jersey. committed suicide after a roommate used a webcam to broadcast over the internet a sexual encounter between Tyler and another man.- CNN

Other teenagers remembered in the vigil were Asher Brown 13. Seth Walsh 13, Justin Aaberg 15, Billy Lucas 18 and Raymond Chase 19.-CNN

Simple bullying can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts which can quickly evolve into actual suicide.

Oh yeah, about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", does it matter of their sexual oriteation? They're still fighting to keep us safe.

America has endured about eleven wars, terror attacks,hate against colored and women. So why can't we get pass this?
I'm not asking for much, you aren't forced to support it but can't we all tolerate it?

The author's comments:
I was once against gays but my best friend's ex-girlfriend talked some sense into me.

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