It's Your Job to Complain

September 26, 2010
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You pay taxes. But those taxes have no benefit towards you. Imagine that. You live in a country that claims to have so many benefits. It claims that everyone votes, it claims that everyone is equal, it claims that everyone, not just whites, not just Christians, not just adults, but every human being is equal. Does this mean that in America kids are not human? If they aren't human than what are they?

When you get a job you will probably be estimating how much you get paid. Your employer will tell you that you get paid $8 an hour and you will be calculating that you worked 10 hours that week so you will probably calculate $80. You at that point have forgotten about the taxes that you pay to be wasted on things you do not agree with. That's not to say that you disagree on everything that the government does with the money that YOU gave them, but on anything you disagree on you are allowed to complain because after all it was YOUR money and your lack of voting that created that law or issue.

There is a saying that goes, “If you didn't vote than don't complain” but there is one major flaw with this phrase it's missing the most important part, “If you weren't allowed to vote than it's your job to complain.” After paying paxes for even a month you start to get tired and discouraged that the generation before you is using the money that you earned to destroy the future. It is undebatable that our generation will have to overcome issues that were created by the generation before us, such as moving jobs out of the US, spoiling our generation with technology, and pollutants which we will have to clean up.

Kids have every right to have the full privelages of being American. In a lot of cases a kid is more informed than an adult. As a kid they still have not been fully hypnotized by the media. They still can think for themselves and they still have courage, they still believe that there vote matters. Many adults will look at a politician that they agree with 100% but not vote for them because they are an independent and independents never win, but they never win because adults are too hypnotized by democrats and republicans. They are too hypnotized by the media and do not think creatively. Kids still have a mind of there own that can make decisions and vote for what they believe.

So what can be done? A revolution can be created,a change is needed. A group on facebook ( has already started this revolution. It is time to make this revolution a reality. It is time for a kid to be a human. It is time to make America fair like it claims to be.

“If you didn't vote than don't complain. If you weren't allowed to vote than it's your job to complain.”

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