Discrimination At Its Strongest

September 2, 2010
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There are many things I could say I dislike about humanity. Humans have an unhealthy greediness. They also tend to have a way of feeling superior to all other living things on earth. However, what I find most disgusting, is the lack of respect, kindness and openness we have to our fellow men.

While dinning at a friends house this night, the father of the household began to prattle about work. Trying to eat as slowly as possible, I tuned into what he was saying. I wish I hadn’t. The father began discussing the “dirty chore” he would have to be doing the following day, firing an employee. While at first the father had respect for the poor women who had no idea what terrible thing was about to strike, the subject suddenly became something to laugh about. I watched as the mother, father, and children poorly and inhumanly acted out the women crying. I watched as they laughed over the supply of tissues she was going to need. While at most times I tried to be polite and smile along, I found myself completely disturbed.

This is not the only case. From angry drivers, rude high school girls, rich bosses, to little bullying school children, a form of discrimination and hatred towards specific groups has showed up. The logic behind this way of acting, while less obvious, is closely linked to the thinking behind the racism and dejection towards blacks before Martin Luther King Jr. Discrimination of people of lower income, different race, older age, abnormal size, and people with forms of disability have been overlooked for far too long. And this is only the beginning. It is time for people to stop and realize what kind of world is being created. A world of hatred, unjust ranking, and greed. It’s time for people to return kindness to those who have given it, and supply it where it is needed. It’s time for humanity to become one.

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