That Ain't Right

July 24, 2010
By , Houston, TX
So today (July 24, 2010) I was watching a show called Degrassi (It’s about high school drama like 24/7). There was an episode about a character named Marco and what happens in this episode is that Marco finally admits to his best friend, named Spinner, that he’s gay. Well Spinner doesn’t quite take it well; instead he freaks out and acts all weird. Well getting more to the point—there is this girl named Paige (popular girl) and her elder brother is too gay and Marco has a crush on him. Well Dylan, Paige’s elder brother, invites Marco, Spinner, Craig, Jimmy, and Paige to his hockey game. Spinner doesn’t want Marco to come but Jimmy another friend (Jimmy knows Marco’s secret too) tells Marco to come and meet them in a café, but Marco says that he’ll walk over there alone. So now the setting moves towards where Marco is walking to the game alone. Apparently he got the wrong address so he accidently walks across what’s known as a gay club, and some other guys (that aren’t gay) see him walking. They walk up toward him and start bashing him because he’s gay. Luckily the cops see the gang bashing on Marco and stop the violence. (This happened in the park across where the hockey game was playing) Jimmy heard the sirens from across the street and runs over there and sees Marco-then he comforts Marco. So Marco is just scared of being gay. All I’m trying to say is that just because someone is different doesn’t mean you have to act all cool and bash them or ignore them. IT’S JUST NOT COOL!!! If the other person is different you should just try to understand them and accept them for who they are.. ? That’s what I would do… You just look at someone and think that you everything about them it’s discriminating and rude, and just try to remember that it’s not only putting the other person down but it’s also putting you down.

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