Trifles Should be Discarded

July 12, 2010
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It is the truth that there are the differences in our race, our belief, our nation and so on. And it is also the fact that some people could not extricate themselves from these kinds of problems. But have we ever thought bigger and pursued other things which could be more meaningful than these negligible differences? The answer would be affirmed.

One of the stories of the ancient China could be the ideal example to best illustrate my point. It is said that confronting the enemy from other countries, the prime minister called Xiangru Lin cooperated with another general named Po Lian who had animosity with him. And finally, it was the allowance and the cooperation of them that enabled their country to survive. They could forget the animosity because they had the same mission (defeat the enemy and defend the country) as well as the same pride of being the Chinese.

And I definitely agree that this idea could be used in our society as well. Eliminate the racism. The white and the black should be proud of being the American. Eliminate the hatred. The Christian and the Muslim should be proud of being the pursuer and the saint of the peace and harmony. Eliminate the war. The North Korea and the South Korea should be proud of being the members of the Korean Nationality.

Eliminate all the pride and prejudice of ourselves. All of us should be proud of being the human beings. When the satellite of Voyager was launched, we, humans, have already sent the message to the whole universe that we are and always will be the united creature on this adorable planet.

Facing the future, the responsibility is life-and-death, and the road is cragged. So we must work hand in glove and discard all the trifles which could only destroy us. For the environment, the civilization, the pride and dignity of being the human, the earth, let us join our hands and live with joyfulness and harmony!

The author's comments:
Humans could not be feazed by the racism, belief, nation and so on any more. We have to do something which would be more meaningful. There are disease, famine, environmental issue which all require us to solve.

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