Give a Damn

July 5, 2010
When I hear of hate crimes in other schools and when I hear someone got killed or bashed just because of sexuality, it hurts. I just finished reading the book 'Keeping You a Secret,' and it's about 2 girls falling in love, she knew that she could have crushes on girls and knew it all along but still tried having a boyfriend, but she fell in love with the person who was her soulmate, a girl. It made me cry when I was reading that her so-called friend was telling her of how she was wrong and how much she seemed to hate her because of it. She spread rumors and called her a dyke, and what made even more angry and hurt was when her mother found out from her ex boyfriend and she hit her and called her a pervert, she didn't even let her get near her baby sister, saying it was a perversion and she kicked her out. When I read things like that it makes me wonder how much more blind I can be, things like that happen every day and I care more about other ways of trying to help. I always say of how it's okay to be gay or lesbian or bi, I defend it with my life because I believe it's right. But I don't realize that outside this community I live in, things can go wrong, just like in the book. In My high school we a Gay-Straight Alliance, it's one of our most well known clubs. I love it, because it shows that there are others out there, and some I wouldn't even realize it. It makes me feel more secure. Most of the student body are so open to different types of sexuality. One of our most well known and (as many say) cutest couple are two girls. On Day of Silence, almost everyone had on a sticker with the logo we created over their mouths, the school had never been so quiet. So I see why I wouldn't understand things going on in other schools and in the news. The community I live in is so open, our school cheers and supports out couples for having the courage to show who they really are. I myself am bisexual. I've had boyfriends, but girls are my pleasure :) I am happy, and lucky to say, that I can be more open with my sexuality because where I grew up, most people are open-minded. So it makes me want everyone to be like this, I want to make a difference, give everyone a chance to be who they want to be and fall in love with who they want to be in love with. In some countries the penalty is death for being gay or lesbian! I want to change that, because I give a damn. I know I'm still young, but I can try, and I can show others the world in the way that I see it: equal.

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Bethani said...
Jul. 11, 2010 at 6:38 pm
You're very forunate to be in a community that's very accepting. In my school, hardly anyone could participate in Day of Silence without being teased. We're forunate to live in a country that is more accepting than some.
MercedesXO said...
Jul. 11, 2010 at 3:11 pm
omg soo annoying. i just posted this long comment about how i agree with you 100% and all this other stuff and then it didn't post! lol. so i figured i'd just write a shorter one. basically i thot this was excelent and you did a fantastic job with it:) i agree with you on everything and dont understand why people cant just accept everyone for WHO they are and not WHAT they are. it's sad how close minded people can be..really pathetic actually. i'm with ya on this one and great work!! :)
MercedesXO said...
Jul. 11, 2010 at 3:09 pm
I really love your article and totally agree with all of it. I cry when I hear stuff like that too, and I'll never understand it. Hating people for such a thing like their sexuality, religion, race, etc. It's so sad it's pathetic that people have such closed minds and can't accept anyone for WHO they are not WHAT they are. I myself am straight..but idk. I take interest in girls kinda too. Like, I like to hookup with them and think they're hot..and idk if that classifies me as bisexual, but eithe... (more »)
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