June 23, 2010
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Our differences are really in the mind.

Race/Religion/Skin Color: If a person is black, white, chinese, mexican, or something else it really shouldn't matter. People are people we all have hearts, feelings, thoughts, ect. What is on the outside shouldn't matter. Also, people make a huge deal over skin color, race, and religion. Like I said our outside apperences should not matter. As, for religion, people will believe whatever they want to believe and nothing should change that. I must say that I have a bunch of friends that are a different race and they have helped me out of many sticky sitituations.

Gay/Bi/Lesbian: Ok this is a big deal for some people even though it shouldn't be. If I person is attracted to the same sex then so be it. You shouldn't try and change that. People are who they are and they make their own choices. I will admit that if I saw a man and man or a woman and a woman making out at the mall then I might be a little bit weirded out, but I would be ok with it. I have plenty of friends that are gay amd they are super awesome. Sometimes my gay friends and I have crushes on the same guys. I believe that if you are gay, bi, or a lesbian then you should be open about it. Embrace your gayness.

Age: Our age differences is also another issue that I don't belive should be an issue. Some people may say that people don't make a big deal about age, but they do, well at least my parents do. My parents are always yelling at me for hanging out with older kids. They say that I'm hanging out with the wrong crowd. Which I am not. My friends are good kids that have been through a lot. Sure some of them do drugs, but I don't mind. (NOTE: I do not do drugs.) My friends are wonderful, awesome people and I love them. My parents just don't understand that just because I hang out with older kids doesn't mean that I'm hanging out with a bad group of kids. I mean most of my friends wouldn't do anything bad and they have straight A's.

I still don't think that these issues should exsist. But, they do so I'm here sharing my thoughts.

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Bethani said...
Jul. 6, 2010 at 11:05 pm
You bring up good points! I completely agree. 
TeaCat replied...
Apr. 28, 2011 at 10:07 pm
Me too.                        
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