racism? why!

June 8, 2010
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Why are some people racist? What’s so bad about what people where or there skin color? So there different, big deal!!! I’m Italian and yeah no one makes fun of me for my darker skin color, but there are some others at my school who are racist. For instance I heard a boy at my school say to one of my friends that’s Jewish “get back to concentration camp Jew!!” talk about raciest!!

Like I said I don’t get made fun of for my dark skin but my clothing has been made fun of, but why? I think its because people who aren’t like us are jealous! I mean why wouldn’t they, they are probably jealous that you can were those way to skinny, skinny jeans to school and not be embarrassed or are making up lame and probably unbelievable excuses like “I didn’t have anything else in my closet etc.” and for you people with darker skin don’t be ashamed of your lovely tan features! I’m the weirdest person at my school, I’m proud to have a title like ‘that weirdo’ or ‘that crazy girl’ that second one was how I got my screen name.

So be proud that people are jealous when they say something like “what’s with your outfit today”

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