June 3, 2010
By mandeemuffin BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
mandeemuffin BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
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Dear World:
Stop judging, it’s not cool. Well, neither is stereotypes…are they in the same category?
We are not soup cans, were human beings, we don’t need labels!
Almost everyone gets judged, whether they like it or not. Can we stop it? Possibly not, but it would be great if we all tried! You do know it’s wrong to judge don’t you?

Ever watch the news or read articles online? 60% of high school students say that they have thought about suicide for themselves. Teenagers have committed suicide because of being bullied, or judged. So you didn’t think that would ever happen? Have you ever thought, “Hey if I bully this child because I don’t like their stereotype will they kill themselves? Maybe I shouldn’t do it.” Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect, we shouldn’t judge based on looks or clothing. Do you want to be exactly the same as someone else, or everyone? In some cases stereotypes could be good, they can tell that you’re different from someone else, but other times they just cause problems. I’ve actually been judged by the way I dress or look. I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t think I could be hated because of the way I looked and dressed.

People do hate others who tend to judge them and bully them.
Did you know that when you judge someone it degrades your character? Do you want someone to hate you? I don’t think so. Supposedly everyone is created equally, but we don’t have to meet up with each other’s standards. Everyone chooses to be different, because no one is perfect. Tension and awkwardness could be a problem right? Dislike the awkward feeling in a room with people you don’t like? How do you know you don’t like them? Ever talk to them? I remember 6th grade, I was in reading class and my friend tells me to hate this other girl, so I did, we made fun of her, and a few days after we became friends. And here I am now, 10th grade, still best friends with her now and forever. I stopped judging others a long time ago. I’ve met so many nice people by not judging them.

Really, possibly 90% of teenagers judge others?
Ever realize how miserable people feel when you criticize them? They could be harming themselves. I know I can’t stop the world from judging and bullying, but helping everyone realize how terrible it can be is good enough for me, I can’t change your mind, I’m not trying to, I am here to inform you. Judging because of race, quit it. Not funny at all, do you know your friends race? You were making fun of someone else’s race, but your friend is the same race too, outstanding. Are you friends with people who dress the same as you? I bet you are, go outside your little group of clones and get to know others, whether people say something about you or not.
“Love is Our Weapon.” –Christofer Drew Ingle

Stop all of the hate and judging, and start the caring and loving. ?



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Stephan.K said...
on Sep. 20 2010 at 10:06 am


I have to agree with your opininon.

Nothing will change when you judge poeple so there is no reason to do so. I personaly have stopoed judging when I came to Middle School, because I relized that it didn't bring me anything. But the problem is, that your brain is judging itself. Every time we meet a person wie don't know our brain takes a look at it and put the person in a box. To stop doing this is very difficult but not imposibble. Why we do it wehen we don't want to I am not sure but that is okay because as soon as you are able to stop this you will meet the best people and friends you have every met. So Iall I can say know is that I totally agree with your text.

Sarah said...
on Sep. 19 2010 at 9:01 am


I totally agree with your opinion.

I think everyone is unique and different from each other. So it's unfair to say things about someone if you don't know that person. You don't even know his or her Character maybe he likes the same stuff like you. Another important fact is that people don't realize how they hurt someone by judging them. I really want to know what would be happen if someone judge them ? I really like how you said that " no one is perfect ". That's true no one is perfect everyone have mistakes and you can't criticize somebody by thinking that you are the only one who is perfect and the others are not. Sometimes we have the same problem in our school, some kids bully others and start insultig them. All in all I just want to say that we have to stop judging about other people's stereotype, if you don't like someone the just leave him/her. We have to concentrate on our own mistakes and if we are nice to someone else, someone will be nice to us too.



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