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May 29, 2010
By , mequon, WI
Everyday, I hear my brothers, friends, and peers use the same offensive terms.
Words aren’t always power, but they can stab a person’s heart in a way. So when I hear some one say, “That looks so gay” or “Oh, don’t be such a fag”, I always wonder if they realize what their saying. Do they know that they can stab someone in the heart with their words or do they not care what it means? Maybe, they don’t accept the things I do.
I will point this out now: I am not gay, nor will I ever be, I am completely against the idea of homosexuality, and I believe the whole idea is morally wrong (there is a reason why there are females and males); however, I accept the fact that there are people out their who are homosexual and I will never insult them! I understand the pain brought up every day to homosexual teens and adults. In this world, people are not always accepting of people who are different; but, just because they have different thoughts, beliefs or, in this case, likings, doesn’t mean you can throw them around as if they were trash. Love is something that will not always change. People do not always choose to be gay. Love is pure and just because some one loves a different way, doesn’t mean the person should be treated in a terrible, savage matter.
When you call an object or a person “gay” or a “fag”, you not only insult that person dearly, but you offend the people around you. Sure, you may not care at first, maybe not until you hurt someone close to you. Would you really be using the words “gay” and “fag” if one of your closest friend found that offending when they are a homosexual or a bisexual? One of my friends is a bisexual and the day I found out shocked me. I felt like I hurt her many times because I once told her I was against the whole homosexual and bisexual thing before I knew. I was terrified that I would lose a friend just because she was a bisexual. But, we didn’t. If anything, we became closer since I now keep one of her secrets along with her other friends. Yet, that realization of her secret brought me never to let the words “gay”, “fag”, or any other words to slip from lips ever again, never to offend of insult the people I love. I now accept gays and bisexuals and any other person out there who is different.
I want to make this clear, I am not asking you to give up your religion, your beliefs, or you morals, I am not telling you to think that being bisexual or homosexual is not wrong, I am not telling you to be fine and proud of teens and adults whom are homosexual and bisexual. I can’t make you give up your beliefs; what I am asking is that you trust other people’s opinion, and accept and respect the people around you who are not “straight”. Its time for people to accept and not judge.

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banditclover said...
Jun. 3, 2010 at 8:13 am
I agree with you, those names are terribly offensive and unnecessary. I'm completely straight and I think homosexuality is wrong, but the hateful names that some people use when referring to homosexuals make me squirm. The worst is when it's used as an adjective. I just don't get it. Oh, and that "church" that pickets and puts "God hates fags" on their kids' T-shirts? Please. Christians love. Or, at least they're supposed to. You chose a really good topic to write about.
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