Why dogs should be allowed in restaurants

May 22, 2010
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Have you ever been in a restaurant and wished that you could be eating with your dog? Well I have definitely experienced that feeling. This made me wonder why dogs are denied the opportunity to enjoy a nice meal with their owner in a restaurant? Most Americans own dogs in this day in age, and they have become part of their family. Dog are able to travel everywhere with their owners except for in restaurants. As a result of this insulting gesture the by restaurant owners, dogs are forced to be left out in the cold, tied to something alone, quietly awaiting their owner’s return. If not tied to a pole or something of that sort, they are locked away in a car with barley anywhere to move or any air to breath. These dogs feel this torture because all the restaurant owners are too selfish to let a dog come in and eat their food. If a dog were to die out on that pole or in a car, this is because of these restaurant owners. I know many of the owners have not thought about this, but I would put this thought into consideration because do they really want to have the death of a member of someone’s family on their conscience? This is not the proper way to treat a member of our community or better yet a family member.
To tell you the truth, I believe that having a child in a restaurant might be a bigger nuisance than a dog. Some children run around the building, throwing food, yelling at one another, while a dog would just sit down next to the table quietly, where he is restrained by a collar and leash, which you cannot do to a child. So if anything, owners should not allow children into their restaurants, but rather dogs.
Another advantage of having dogs in restaurants is, when you cannot finish what you have ordered or do not like what you are eating you can just toss it onto the ground for your dog to eat. Even if your dog has already eaten its meal, I can grantee that it would happily eat the food you cannot finish. This is a better alterative then just leaving it on your plate to get thrown away when there are tons of starving children in Africa with nothing to eat.
If everyone would work together we could make the changes needed so our pets could enjoy more time with us where ever we go. I mean I do not understand why restaurants would not want dogs eating in their restaurants. The dogs make the owners spend more money on the food and everyone knows the whole point of a business to gain money, so why don’t they put this idea into consideration yet. Now I do not think that we should get the officials involved, but I do think that we need to get more people aware of this ongoing situation But as for me I am all for the change.

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uabuttface said...
Nov. 15, 2016 at 11:45 am
I feel that it is vary rude that you compaired a dog to a child and that it would not be the owner of the restrunts fault if your dog died putside it would be your fault for taking your dog out to dinner and the feeding our dogs leftovers will not help the starving childern africa
JollyGreenIndian said...
Jun. 10, 2010 at 2:37 pm
Five Stars! this is great! wow i wish there was  place u cud post this that actual restaurant owners would see it! I know... print it out and post it on the windows of certain restaurants! like the ones in Santana Row! I reeeallllllyyy want to bring my puppy with me to dinner some time!
notAtallIndian said...
Jun. 10, 2010 at 2:35 pm
This is really good!!! You should publish this! I have a dog and it would be awesome if I could bring her into a restaurant! GO DOGS!!!
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