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May 21, 2010
By xxrandomxxlove BRONZE, Pasadena, Maryland
xxrandomxxlove BRONZE, Pasadena, Maryland
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Same sex marriage has somehow taken a taboo point to the older generation in our society. Which leaves me to the question of: Why is it so forbidden and frowned upon? So many people will argue that their religion says it is wrong for two people of the same sex to be together in intimate ways. Others might argue that it would invalidate the sanctity of marriage. Even though I’m a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion I feel that both of those reasons are non-sense and completely preposterous. Marriage is based on love and only love.
How has being gay become a sin? Understanding why people think God hates gays is beyond me. God made all people according nearly every religion, didn’t he? Then why would he create something he hates? Also, the fact that most of the firm believers of this are Christians makes me wonder how well they know their own religion. The God in Christianity is all-mighty and forgiving. He loves all his children and created them all equal. He wants them to love and accept everyone; yet, many Christians alienate and criticize gays because they simply love differently then straight people do. How does that make them good Christians? It doesn’t. The point of Christianity is to love everyone, which they do the exact opposite of towards gays. People like this have children that are gay who are terrified to tell their parents. Some people would kick out their own flesh-and-blood because they simply loved differently. Where is the sin here? The sin is in the rejection, alienation, and condemnation of gays.
Then, there are the people who are afraid that the “sanctity” of marriage would be endangered if homosexuals were allowed to marry. It’s already been ruined. In fact, was stepped on, crushed, and defenestrated years and years ago. People claim that marriage is so holy and should be preserved, but have they seen what celebrities do to it? Tiger Woods, Brittney Spears, and Larry King are classic examples of how straight people have ruined the piety of marriage. They cheat on their spouse, stay married for only a week, and divorce multiple times. All the time people go off to Las Vegas, get drunk, and wake up next to a complete stranger with a ring on their finger. All of these things happen with straight people; yet, it’s the people who are willing to fight for their love to be accepted, the people that stay together for the rest of their lives, and the people who work to have it so their love and commitment is recognized legally who ruin marriage? Marriage is about recognizing the love and dedication two people have towards each other. If anyone has proven their right to be married, it’s gay people.
So that is what’s left of marriage. People who truly love each other can’t get married because they love people of the same sex, but people who just met can get married any time they want as long as one person is a man and one person is a woman. The older generations of the world have left their own children afraid to tell them the people they love, and they have made it so those same kids can’t get married to people they love. Where is the fairness? I just don’t see it…

The author's comments:
In school, I've seen so many of my friends and fellow students be thrown out of their houses for being gay. Then, the thing that really inspired me was watching my friend fall in love with another guy. It hit me. I may never get to see him all dressed up to get married simply because it "wasn't right". So as soon as I started writing this, everything just started to come out. Like I hope all homosexual people have the courage to do. We're all people, the only differnce is the way we love.

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