It's Definitely Racist

May 18, 2010
By NinoAtomico BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
NinoAtomico BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Racial profiling was taken to the extreme when Senate Bill 1070 was signed. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Arizona, have had even more raids in stores, parks and restaurants, where the sheriff and his men invade in public places and interrogate anyone who looks suspicious of being illegal. These men are not going to question a man from Russia, Ireland, or Canada. The local law enforcement is supposed to ask the Mexicans for their papers because of “reasonable suspicion?” How green do our green cards supposed to be?

SB 1070 is a law created to give local Arizona police the power to ask of legal citizenship. Instead of focusing on the illegal drugs and violence that’s going on, they’re worrying about the families of Arizona. Families have been coming to Arizona for the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness promised by the Declaration of Independence. The people who come here are looking for a better life, and obviously have left for a reason. There is no reason to take them back or put them in jail. Fathers have left their families behind to come and work in America. Now the family is together in America at last, living a better life. But a raid happens in the restaurant and the father is taken away. Now the oldest son has to provide for his mother and younger siblings, while still trying to keep his education. Too many students are going through this. This shouldn’t even be a situation happening in the “Land of the Free.”

Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona, says that the bill is to help the border, when the bill has nothing to do with the border. She also said in the same interview with Channel 3 news, that she is receiving grants and using them to gather more air-support for the border patrol. She is doing this instead of paying for schools to have extra-curricular programs. In this interview, a question asked what the bill had to do with the border. She said it had nothing to do with the border, yet previously she said that the border was her main focus for signing the bill. Others have noticed the wrong doing and are standing up to it.

Famous people from all over the U.S. have been coming to Arizona to give their opinion of the bill. The Grammy Award winner, Shakira, was shocked when she found out about SB 1070 on the news. She says, “It is unjust and it's inhuman, and it violates the civil and human rights of the Latino community ... It goes against all human dignity, against the principles of most Americans I know.” when talking to The Associated Press. Al Sharpton also came to Arizona. He even reported death threats for coming. He said, “This is a human rights issue. You cannot have human rights for some and not for all. We must stand with our brown brothers and sisters...this is a national outrage." He also spoke in El Portal on a live, 3-hour radio show, seated under a portrait of Ceasar Chavez. Even the Phoenix Suns took a stand against the racist SB 1070. The night of Cinco de Mayo the team went up against the San Antonio Spurs, they all decided to wear jerseys that read “Los Suns.” They played their a-game that night and beat the Spurs with the final score110-102. Even ex-government and CIA workers are showing up at the marches at state capitol. All of these people come to support the Hispanic families living here in Arizona.

Although 70% of Arizona agreed with the bill, the people who agreed are either racist and/or rich. But if they knew the bill was hurting working families and understood that the bill is racist, they would join us and the Native Americans, African Americans, Asians and Caucasians in our fight for civil rights and to stop SB1070.

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I was inspired to write this because it's a huge problem to me

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