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May 3, 2010
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"What? You're Jewish? Really?"

Yep. I'm surely am. No matter how much I may not look it, I am. This happens so often that I should be able to say that it doesn't bother me. But, i't does. It's not fair to look at someone and decide what they are. It's not fair to automatically think someone is something because of what they do, or what they wear, or even who they hang out with. And while some people may say, "Get over it, it's not a big deal"...well it is.

To me atleast. When people say something along the lines of "You don't look like your people" it's a form of stereotyping. And while we're stereotyping about how people look, let's just go ahead with other stereotypes, yes?

I'm jewish so I must be greedy. But, in reality, who isn't? In some way shape or form, everyone acts greedily or selfishly. Just because someone said that jews are greedy, it's paid attention more in jews. But, it's not really a fact.

Oh, and please don't say i'm over exaggerating. Because i'm not. If we expect people to look a certain way to be a certain way, or vice versa, it's stereotyping. Furthermore, it's annoying.

For once, it'd be cool to hear "That's awesome!"

Hey, maybe I just remember the "Really? No way!"'s more, but it should change. And while i realize that i'm not discriminated against or stereotyped (?) as much as others, and i'm glad for such, it takes small steps.

And while i'm at this, it shouldn't be narrowed to just that. Before you say "That's so gay" think about how the word "gay" is being used. The more you think about it, when someone says that, they're really just putting the word "gay" in the same category as "stupid" or "horrible". Think about how this affects your view on gay people. The same thing with the term "That's so retarded".

So I guess more often than not, people are insulting others without paying attention to it...

Just a little rant. ^ ^

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EmoToboe said...
May 22, 2010 at 7:13 am

After the third grade, I learned about slavery and segregation. After that I found out that my entire stepdad's family was horribly prejudiced. If you ask me they are blind.

Since then, I've dreamed of a world free of drama, hatred, and violence. Thinking about it realisticly now, it seems like an unattainable utopia. Why can't we just understand what we are putting eachother through, the pain we're causing.

Sadly, I can't yet say I'm above that, I've called people and obje... (more »)

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