The fight of today

May 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Why are we separated? Is it in our DNA that competition and differences make us strive to do better? These differences occur in every aspect of our lives: government, sports, schools, technology, money… We have a world in which competition creates a good society. This is not necessarily a good thing.

Competition is good and bad in school. It is good because it creates a sense of spirit toward your school against others. It is bad because a person might not make the team, sit the bench, or have a lower rank in school.

Differences are good though. They could create a sense of uniqueness like with clothing. Uniforms kill apart of being different and having your style. Having uniforms could be compared to writing. Making people wear uniforms is like having people write the same boring paper with no thought or creative sense.

Differences can affect many in the school setting. They can be bad because bullying could be created. Bullies may target the people that stray from the “normal” crowd. These differences also create groups or cliques. There is no avoidance of cliques because of similarities of interest. The problem is that cliques can see themselves as better than others and put others down. When teens and kids get overloaded with stress from school, work, family, and friends they could be affected for many years or be pushed to suicide…

Kids should be creative and have there own style. Wealth should not be an influence with how popular or unpopular a person is. Cliques should be separated because they create tension and bullying. We need to help the school system with instilling power to kids to be creative!

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