Bad Immigrants

April 22, 2010
By Danny Palencia BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
Danny Palencia BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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Do you ever wonder does the man next to me have a green card or is he or she adding money to our government or taking money and being a lazy person who stays home and drinks and smokes all day. Not all illegal aliens come to the US to feed off the freaking system. Some illegal aliens pay the even if they work, respect all laws as well as put money into the system that they worked for and will never see again. The government for some reason never seems to mention that part of the story. Every now and then there are those idiots that go out and break the laws. If you pay attention to what their parent’s do, usually they are just hard working people that once again are putting money into the system which will never be seen again by them.

Majority Of Immigrants are legit people who are just like me and you and only want what is best for them as well as their families. I highly dought immigrants come to the United States and are thinking “ Hey I want to live were my kids are going to get killed and might end up selling drugs and make the rest of us look bad!” NO!! I seriously think there is no person would want to go to a place that sounds or is described this way. Many Americans that are complaining about the illegal aliens taking their jobs are freaking retarded, I know for a fact that no well educated person is going to want to go voluntarily and work out in the fields and do hard labor jobs.
I honestly in my whole life have never seen a successful American person complain about their job do anything but blame the immigrants. “Maybe if you hadn’t taken out a three million dollar loan you owe on and can’t afford to pay you wouldn’t be complaining about hard working immigrants. The one thing I honestly find to be funny is how they really seem to enjoy all the fruits and vegetables produced by immigrants’. After working on a farm for over eight years I have only seen one white person actually go out and work as a laborer.

Immigrants are not all bad people. A very low percent of immigrants are criminals and that’s only due to the fact that they are the worthless of their race just like any other group or race has bad people. News reporters and broadcasting companies need to stop putting these bad actions on air. Just like when black people complain about racist this, racist that. Immigrants should all do the same thing and put an end to this discrimination.

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I wa shonestly all worked up about immagration so I exressed everything I had

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