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March 25, 2010
By Amelia Baxter BRONZE, Rancho Mirage, California
Amelia Baxter BRONZE, Rancho Mirage, California
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“Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so.”- Voltaire. What a world it would be if everyone would live in peace and no person would think any better of themselves from being brought up in Beverly Hills than compared to a poor Haitian. For the love between others is smothered by hate, tolerance should but can never be a reality in today’s society due to the supporting evidence, Racism, Religion and Appearance all contributing to the intolerance and injustice towards others.

“…was that I was a person with dignity and self-respect, and I should not set my sights lower than anybody else just because I was black.”- Rosa Parks. Racism in our present-day lives cannot be tinkered out of our humanity today. For more than 200 years before the first civil war, black segregation swarmed through the United States. Back then there was no need to separate blacks from whites, because 95% of blacks were slaves. Schools, theaters, taverns, bathrooms, drinking fountains, all had divides. This racism has been spread through the generations and is still lingering in our present day. Some may argue that abolishing the slave trade has made us equal, but looking through U.S. history and remembering the Jim Crow laws and what jokes he played, is still passed down and eats away many. Through the Racist jokes we hear at school to the disrespect of the Crow laws, racism is but can never be a reality in today’s society.

“…those people…they’re not really people at all….a bit strange, they’re a bit different.” “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” 6,000,000.00 Jewish people were slaughtered during the holocaust under the reign of Adolf Hitler for believing and being born under a different religion. Roundabout 3500 survivors and declining are left from the Holocaust and their options to tell their stories are subjective of few. Those whom do tell are reliving nightmares that not even the scariest ghost can compare to. But if this is so, what about the big commotion of it being a hoax? Even if you assume that it all is just a big fib, then how do you explain the concentration camps, the survivors with their horrendous stories and the journals and photos of so many giving proof that this was not a fable. The segregation against religion is, but cannot be a reality in today’s society.

“A person is a person no matter how small.” – “Horton hears a who.” The standard of appearance that our modern day selves have to live up to is expensive. The right height, right weight, clothing, backpacks, shoes, who you hang out with all contribute to the appearance factor. “Oh my Gosh! What are you wearing!”-average teenager. The newest fashion sense which includes; Vans shoes, Jansport backpacks and super skinny jeans all are part of the dress wear section, one of three. The second part is average body appearance. Must be acceptable to petite and height can be short and medium for girls, tall for boys. Cliques being the third, are often most popular between girls, while boys mostly travel in small groups. Who’s the most popular, who’s the smart one, who’s the dorky one, all factor down to which category you are in at school. The intolerance between others can never be passive because of the early subliminal messages of hate and superiority taught to us by our peers and the media.

In conclusion, the roads that have been taken have led us round a wrong turn. Since Adam ate the apple, we will never be able to reverse but might build a new structure forward that leads to a new path free of Racism, segregation against Religion and hate between each other at school due to appearance. This is all supporting evidence that tolerance is but can never be a reality in today’s society.

The author's comments:
Its not all about image, socialites, whose better than the next, we are all equal in this world no one is more special.

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