The Faultline

March 17, 2010
By Hindumaliman BRONZE, Mishawaka, Indiana
Hindumaliman BRONZE, Mishawaka, Indiana
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I live in a world marked with polarity. In my nation I find a schism of red and blue warriors dashing about with their visions and glory. In my world I see such visions wholly distorted and melded into such an inhuman beast that is world policy. In my home I'm torn between opposing views constantly from my own parents and peers. I've felt now it's time I stood up on something. I believe no one has any right to deny a gay lesbian or transgendered person the right to marry.

I base this on a life of watching. I've seen quite a bit in my time, allowed by wondrous inventions and leaps in technology that put once overly complicated and distant issues to my eye level. One thing I saw in film and music and art was a continual cry and a continual march for a single thing, equality.

Equality is the cry of all the oppressed of our world have cried. Yes it was cried Gaul under Rome, the Christian under Turk,and while these seem far-cries of history look just behind your step to see the cries of Blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, and women of every race and walk of life. Yet still we attempt to block and stall the long and tired march of equality under all laws.

My argument for the legal right to Gay marriage is simple, all other arguments support oppression and the favoring of singular groups over an entire population of people who simple wish to enjoy the rights now currently enjoyed by heterosexuals. These arguments speak of the bible and its verses saying that homosexuality is a sin. Yet they fail to realize that there is no definitive mention of homosexuality being a sin in the new testament. So they respond, "Well it's in the Old Testament", and that's certainly true, but many things seen as mandatory and forbidden have been ignored due to the passing of time. Christians no longer sacrifice sheep to God nor do we perform incest to continue ancient lines as Lot did. I believe we can all agree that many things in the Old Testament are outdated.

Still clinging to your belief that homosexuality is morally long due to your religious beliefs. Then might I circumvent you? Gays seek civil unions, a government agreement to bond life and properties and it clearly states in the United States Constitution that their is a distinct separation between church and state, thus this is not even your arena.

Furthermore let's view a few arguments against gay marriage. Some say that homosexuals are unfaithful to their partners...might we take a look at that fifty percent divorce rate we have right now? Mind you this is only heterosexuals making up the count, I think marriage will be just fine when compared to the sorry performances of marriage between man and woman.

Another argument is that its biologically wrong due to the fact that they cannot produce a baby. That's a lovely notion, I have an aunt and uncle who never had kids, is their marriage wrong? No. Marriage does not and never has required the inception of children, next please.

Now here is an argument that has me cracking up, "If we allow gays to marry...what's gonna stop a man and a turtle from marrying." ...are you serious?! A turtle is an entirely different species and they're are many justifications for why we would prevent that and while we're at this subject in what way does homosexual behavior make people think of animals? If you think about it, gay couples do exactly what straight couples do, they cherish each other, live together, and occasionally make love, if you think its animalistic then congrats your quite the beast yourself.

So I hope I've made a few points clear on my position. Gays are hopefully the last of the openly discriminated by law and with their allowance to wed as so called 'normal people' already have privilege to, we just might start making progress towards a more tolerant world.

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