I do not see justice

March 5, 2010
For one to know if they are truly living in a just society he is to look at the society’s laws towards a person’s happiness. If these regulations made up by the society seem to be in balance with this individual’s pursuit of happiness than the society he is living in is one that is just. One may perhaps speculate that America is this ideal society where an individual may be able to obtain these transcendent qualities in their life. Those that pretend in the optimism that America can give to those that are dreaming for happiness must not forget the highest bearer of tranquility, and that is an individual’s soul mate. For myself I see that love is a soul’s recognition in its counterpart the person does not matter it is what inside that the soul sees. Once again as it has been done throughout the history of the fight for Civil Rights and this is that “All men are created equal”. This directly refers to the current issue of Gay rights in the field of marriage/Civil Union. These individuals who want an unblemished chance for their own “pursuit of happiness” have not been allowed this, and it is simply a denial of freedom. The opposition to this position usually quotes scriptures and condemns their opponents as heathens, but on further study of the Bible one will find no condemnation of homosexuality on Jesus’s account. The genetic aspect of Homosexuality is not quite understood, but many prominent biologists do concur that it does play a vital role on an individual’s sexual orientation. In order for our society to right the wrongs that have been committed against our fellow man and woman, we must band together to pass laws that will legalize the right of marriage for every individual. In the words of the powerful civil rights leader Dr. King, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

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