Where's the Heart of the Proud red, white and blue?

February 25, 2010
By silverlunarelf SILVER, Kansas City, Missouri
silverlunarelf SILVER, Kansas City, Missouri
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Our country’s heart is not in the right place, it’s in materialistic needs, not in values. In most states when a same-sex couple is looking to get married they can’t, and where can they go when you can get beaten or even killed for being gay? When immigrants come to American “ the land of the free” to get a better life for their families, who can they turn to when the rest of their new country treats them like trash? What can those born with some kind of mental disability do when they can’t even live in without being out casted by society? There are several matters like those and many more that exist in our country, how can America have a heart, when it’s filled with so much hatred?

We are not the original “Americans” of America that title goes to the Native Americans who were here when the first settlers came to this land. This land had once been theirs, and they welcomed the settlers. It’s the same as immigrants escaping their home lands to come to the land of promised freedom, for a better life. However, we tell them to stay out of “our” country, because it belongs to us. America was created on the basics of several different nationalities coming into one; it’s why we’re called the United States of America. We can’t keep holding so much hatred for the “foreign outsiders” because in essence we ourselves are immigrants, because our ancestors came from foreign countries to live here.

African Americans were brought here, taken from their homeland to be our slaves just because their different skin color. They can’t help that they were born with “different” skin color, they still are the same as us inside, and they feel and think, they’re human like the rest of us. Just like those born with mental disabilities they can’t help that they were born that way, and again they are just like the rest of us, human. Sometimes the most brilliant mind that can give new ways of thinking are those who don’t think like the rest of us. Out casting is just another example of hatred, because we fear what we can’t understand, and why is it we can’t understand minds that are mentally disabled yes, but perhaps more intelligent than our own?

Escaping religious persecution or even just having different thoughts and being persecuted for it was what the settlers aimed for when they came to the U.S. While some found it, others did not, following the many witch trials that left so many innocent dead. Have those past events in past taught us nothing, taught us that it’s ok to beat and torture, and even kill those different from us? Where does it say in any past law, any past bible that it’s ok to act on hatred someone for being gay? It doesn’t say it anywhere or at least in any respected document that it’s ok to do any physical harm to them. People don’t do these horrid acts to homosexuals in the name of religion or law, but in raw hatred.

So much hatred in my country makes me wonder why I don’t hate myself. No I don’t hate my country, but I can’t love it either. How can I when only so many people try to stop the hatred? How can I have a piece of America in my heart, when America itself has no heart? If America does have a heart, then you tell me; where is the heart of the proud red, white, and blue?

The author's comments:
For some reason all the current issues going on in America was what inspired me to write this.

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