What To Call Me?

February 25, 2010
When a person is of African decent you call them “African American” or “black”. When one is of Hawaiian decent you call them Hawaiian. When a person is of the decent of “being here first” you call them “white” or “Caucasian”. But what do you call someone who is all of these? Multicultural? Mixed Blood? Mixed Breed? Mutt?

I am “African American”. I am “Hawaiian”. I am “Native American” I am “French Creole”. What do you call me? I apply for a job and it says “mark one” for ethnicity so I am forced to say “other”. Why? I cannot help where I come from. My mother being “Native American”, “African American”, and “French Creole”, but to the naked eye she “looks black”. My father being “Native American” and “Hawaiian”, but to the naked eye seems to be “a fair skinned black man”. Then there is me. Light skin tone, dark hair and eyes, small and petite, I look “black” and maybe a little “native American” and “French Creole”. But what do you call me?

For starters my name is Samantha. Meaning is listener of God. So why must we classify people by ethnicity? Why not by name? All the listeners of God [Samantha]. All beauties [Belinda]. All the ones of increase [Joseph]. These seems a lot more meaningful then just where you come from. Its about who you are.

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stellarachelle said...
Mar. 26, 2010 at 11:38 pm
many can relate to this, outer appearance does not define your self-very true.
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