Female; the real strong gender

February 8, 2010
By irenemarino SILVER, Morganville, New Jersey
irenemarino SILVER, Morganville, New Jersey
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Being a girl isn’t easy. Try putting on a ton of makeup and trying on tons of outfits only to have your crush walk right past you like you are invisible. When a boy gives you his number, you always have to wonder if he actually cares, or just wants to see how far you’d go. You never actually know who your friends are because no girl is mean to your face; she’ll just ruin your life as soon as you’re out of sight. When a girl makes the first move, she is seen is desperate but if she doesn’t there is a good chance no one will try for her. Girls are always seen as weaker, but most girls put on a brave face and move on when a boy breaks their heart, when all they want to do is cry. A boy would not be able to last one day as a girl, he just isn’t strong enough.

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