affirmative action is wrong

January 11, 2010
By , houston, TX
Colleges use a system of points that is called affirmative action that gives certain students that apply for college get special points to get into the college of their choice. Should we have affirmative action in today’s world? This question has been lingering around in the United States ever since it has been introduced into the United States. Should different races, and sex determines whether kids should get points for college? Should these things determine whether they get in a college over someone who is smarter? This is a subject that has been around since March 6, 1961. Affirmative actions give special points to people that are of a different race and are a women. Affirmative action is not right; there should be an equal level playing field for people of all races and genders.

Every day when students apply for colleges many students from the White and Asian race get beat out on their college application from the blacks and Hispanic races. Even if the Black and Hispanic students aren’t as smart as White and Asian students they still get points ahead of them and can potentially beat them out in their applications for college. This is not right. This makes no sense. American is telling the world that to be accepted in society you need to be smart and go to the best colleges. How are White and Asian students suppose to get into the best colleges if Blacks and Hispanics get extra points to get into colleges over them. I don’t care if they were ever discriminated against it still does not make it right for them to have extra point to get into college. Just because the Blacks and the Hispanics are generally the race that is in most poverty doesn’t mean they should get points to get in to college so they don’t have to try as hard. In the points sheet for Harvard if you are of a black or Hispanic race you twenty points to get into college.
People that support affirmative action would say that Blacks and Hispanics deserve affirmative action because they are discriminated against when the other race wasn’t. Yes they are discriminated against, but that doesn’t mean that they should be given free points to go to college. If Blacks and Hispanics didn’t like being discriminated against then they shouldn’t use “reverse racism” and say that since we were discriminated against we should discriminated against White and Asian people and take away their chances to get in to college. To make the matter even more bad white people get made fun of all of the time and they don’t get points to go to college. I’m white and I don’t get special points to go to college, and I get made fun of all the time. That twenty points some people get is so much compared to someone who gets no special kind of points. Affirmative action is not fair, and it never will be. It isn’t fair for all of the white and Asians students who worked their butts off in high school to go to a great college and come out with nothing because of someone beating them out just because they are a different race. This whole affirmative action is just away for the Black and Hispanic races who are discriminated against to have an excuse to have an easy ride through college and not have to work as hard to get into the college of their choice. I am tired of seeing students not being able to go to the college of their choice because someone else beat them out with affirmative action points.

Also affirmative action also gives points to woman. This is very sexist. Why does a woman get more points to go to college and a man doesn’t? What makes a woman different than a man? Women and men are perfectly equal and they shouldn’t get special points to go to college. I don’t think a man or a woman should get points for anything period. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man. There should be a level playing field for all students. If you’re a man or a woman shouldn’t depend on if you get special points to go to college. No one should get special point period.

People who support affirmative action would say that woman have to get extra points because they weren’t given the jobs that men were given and they were not given the rights that men had. This makes no sense to me. Why does that make a difference? Why should that determine if you get special points to get into college or not. Women were not given the rights and the jobs that men used to get, but they have all of those jobs no, and they have all the rights that they can ever get. They have everything thing they could ever get and they are complaining about that stuff that happened in the past to get points to get into college. Women don’t deserve the points. They have everything they need. People just need to stop complaining that since they didn’t have the jobs and rights men had in the past that they deserve special points to get into college.

Affirmative action is not necessary, and it is ridiculous. This stupid system colleges are starting to use now is doing nothing good for use. The only thing it is doing is making a lot of people mad when they get beat out of college because of points that were given away. It doesn’t matter what kind of race or sex you are you shouldn’t get any extra points to get into college. Just because Blacks and Mexicans are discriminated against doesn’t matter. Discrimination has nothing to do with getting into college, so instead of just trying to get points that are given away they need to try to get in the college they want by their self and with out stupid points. Women getting points to get into college just frustrates me. They are trying to say that we are not equal and that women need extra points to get into college. Getting into college has nothing to do with the rights and the jobs they didn’t have in the past. Affirmative action is not right and should be stopped immediately.

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norasaur said...
Dec. 3, 2012 at 9:22 pm
That first comment made me livid. I'm sorry but just because someone is a minority does not mean they came from a bad home.  You also implied that the majority which to you is whites and asians always have nice lives...Just because someone is white doesn't mean they're going to grow up in a financially stable doesn't mean they'll have a support system.  So you argument doesn't hold up.  That was a generalization.  Not all black people have ba... (more »)
shelly said...
Feb. 6, 2010 at 11:31 pm
first i'd like to say that your writing was very well thought out and very well written, but i'm going to have to disagree with you on the subject at hand.
i am an african american girl and i support affirmative action but at the same time i think it's wrong. let me explain
i think it's wrong becuase i feel like it will give minorities the green light to slack off in school because they know they'll be able to get into a nice college bcause their skin color... (more »)
travhart71 replied...
Feb. 10, 2010 at 12:21 pm
thank you for the comment but i still think if there was no affirmative action everyone would have the same level playing field and so the hardworking people will go to college.
shelly replied...
Feb. 10, 2010 at 3:33 pm
Yea I do wih that they could do away with a lot of things to make this world more equal,but this is just the world we live in people are going to be racist and I believe that's the whole reason affirmative Action was put in place anyway. But there are people who believe that racism doesn't exist anymore and that's simply not the case
travhart71 replied...
Feb. 10, 2010 at 7:35 pm
but the only thing affirmative action is causing is reverse racism
shelly replied...
Feb. 10, 2010 at 10:16 pm
Like everything in this world affirmative action has it's pros and cons,but I see it as something helping minorities, giving them a chance they normally wouldn't have.
As for the reverse racism comment I mean I see where you're coming from I totally do, but at the same time you not getting into the college you really want to go to will never compare to the agony and pain of being told you can't do something bcuz of your skin color. The college isn't saying bcuz yo... (more »)
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