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Here are the most recent current events / politics articles:

Free Birth Control?
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A recent controversial issue was purposed in Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The issue is whether birth control should be free for all women. Many people were outraged with this proposal. They believe it goes against their religious liberty... (more »)
Political Mood Swings This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Historian Arthur Schlesinger described a phenomenon where a general dissatisfaction causes a shift in the national mood. This occurs when our country feels a change is necessary and mindsets switch from liberalism to conservatism or vice-versa... (more »)
The Media Carnival This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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With the next presidential election now fewer than 100 days away, it’s nearly impossible to turn on a television or go online without being bombarded by a virtual fireworks display of election-related news. As stakes rise and emotions... (more »)
The article on 5 reasons why Hillary is a good candidate for presidency written by Jamai S. is not an article that shares enough to make any Trump supporter change their minds.  I felt as if the article was lacking in evidence to really... (more »)
Why Trump Will Be President
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I strongly agree with Ryan O. in this article because I have noticed a few times that Donald Trump took one step forward on Hillary Clinton.  First, I am positive that Donald Trump suprised many people, including myself, when he said he... (more »)
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Our Beautiful World
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I do not want to rule, I am a spectator, I watch from afar at our beautiful world, our beautiful would which has fallen into the hands of tyranny and oppression. Our beautiful world in which we have created the hellish field known as... (more »)
Relief Is Death
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Talking about the death penalty can become more of a controversial topic in and of itself. Meaning, to have something debatable it must be controversial to the least of the extent. Yet, this idea revolves around slaughtering ungrateful or even... (more »)
Dear Adults Who Don't Vote
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It's no secret that for the last few elections, the voter turnout has been extremely low, and with alot of elections coming up especially the presidential one, I hear alot of adults saying that their not going to vote. However that's not okay... (more »)
Just Because of Love
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I think we are lucky. You know why? I think we are lucky because we are human. That is a very special gift. To be human over the millions of other things we could of ended up as. But I also think being human comes with a big responsibility. We... (more »)
Barrel Bombing Is Violence to All
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Taking place in the city of Aleppo in Syria was an act that couldn’t be forgotten. A bomb dropped by the rebels as Aleppo was located in a rebellious area. Both governments from Syria and Russia try to take control of these rebellious... (more »)
They Are NOT Blood Thirsty Wolves
By , Raleigh, NC
We recently had a project for school; it was to interview an immigrant. One of my classmates interviewed a refugee. "You have obviously never seen the outside world." Those were the words uttered by the refugee when being asked what... (more »)
An Open Letter to Prager U
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I recently saw Prager U's video on a speech that every principal should give their schools.  It had some interesting points, but I have a few questions about the ending, bullet point #6 specifically.  It stated the principal... (more »)
Generation IDC
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Lately everyone has been freaking out over the burqa ban in Nice. Obviously, they banned the burqa due to the fear gained of Muslims as a result of the increasingly high amounts of terrorist attacks in France. For those who do not know, the... (more »)
The Problem with Partisanship
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There is a major problem in America today that prevents us from talking about politics objectively. Partisanship, or extreme loyalty to a political party, has stalled bills in congress that should be common sense, and created tensions and... (more »)
America As We Know It
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What has society come to? Every day, CITIZENS of our nation live in constant fear to leave their homes. How are we allowing FEAR develop within our boundaries? Aren’t we the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? We tell ourselves that we stand for... (more »)
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Well, if you have read pretty much anything else I have ever written, then you probably know how lazy I am. So just the fact that I went and did a ton of research for this proves just how passionate I am for the subject. Also, I want that Girl... (more »)
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