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Here are the most recent current events / politics articles:

The Issue of Minimum Wage: Teens Must Take...
By , revere, MA
Are you self-sufficient? Have you thought about how much money you will be making in the next four years? Five years ago, when I was thirteen, I joined the workforce and made the conscious decision of making my own money.. My very first job at... (more »)
The Passing of a Great Legend
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Today is a black day in the history of India.The entire nation is submerged in sadness and tears.Because we have lost the greatest legand of our country DR APJ ABDUL KALAM OUR FORMER PRESIDENT.He is not only noted as the president but he has... (more »)
The Folly of the Iranian Nuclear Deal
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On July 14, 2015, the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) reached a deal with Iran on the progression of its nuclear program. While the negotiators on both sides have hailed this as a positive, long-term... (more »)
Conspiracy Theories? What Have We Here!
Catastrophic, horrific, barbarous acts, deadliest case of national terrorism are only couple of terms used to describe September 11,2001. The falling towers, as many believe, may not have been due to planes alone, rather there was some internal... (more »)
Islam and Modern Peace
“Peace is a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom,” defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary.       “Terrorism is the systematic use of terror especially as a... (more »)
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Is the New Horizon all that great for us? I dont think so and i'm gonna give you a couple of reasons why this mission to pluto was a terrible idea for National Aeronautics and Space Administration . It was a waste of time and money for us.... (more »)
Our Plight
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Not all jails are barred and black Neither are all chains rusty and silver Jail guards aren’t always fat guys And not every jail mate gets three square meals a day Not every handcuff is lawful Not every sentencing is fair The ghettos... (more »)
America's Role in the Iraq War
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The attempt to spread democracy foundered and has caused many issues for the Iraqi government. The United States has spent 1.82 billion dollars on matters specifically designed to  help strengthen democratic issues such as elections, a new... (more »)
The Sb277 Passed
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The Sb277 passed!!!! Governor Brown has decided to pass the Sb277 law. It will go into effect on July 1st 2016.  If you are agianst the SB277 make it know. By using facebook or writting articles or writting to Governor Brown. Agian the... (more »)
BBC ‘Big Question’ on the Holocaust Beyond...
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On January 25, 2015, just two days before International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the BBC plunged to new lows in anti-Semitism. The enigma of the day on the “Big Questions” program, an ethics and religion debate show, was “Is the time... (more »)
Courage This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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What is courage? "The ability to do something that frightens one" "The strength in the face of pain or grief" When someone usually speaks of courage, they're referring to outward actions. What is the face of courage? Is it a man running... (more »)
No to the SB277
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 Have you heard of the SB277 law? If you have not you should read this. If you have you should still read this.  The HB277 law is to make it were all kids who go to a public school,or a private school,day care or pres-school, or a... (more »)
Ending Hunger in Today's World
By , San Marino, CA
Just last week I was having the perfect day. And then it was time for lunch and there was nothing at the lunch dropoff table, so I didn’t have anything for lunch.  My perfect day went downhill.  The rest of that day, I was so... (more »)
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It was a typical morning; my eyes were half-open, my brain was part-working, and my body was long-awake. My phone rested snugly in my hands as I held onto it like I should have been holding onto my sleep. I was scrolling through the screen... (more »)
Uncertain Experimentation
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“Humans do not realize the challenge they are accepting” (Parsons 3). That is a very accurate and ominous statement.  The human race has begun to tackle something that it cannot begin to dream of understanding neither its... (more »)
Women in Congress, Not Trapped in the Kitchen
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The 114th United States Congress was sworn in January 3rd, 2015 and these Congressional leaders look widely different from the past 200 years. Although don’t get too excited because Congress is still 80% male and 80% white but, 104 of the... (more »)
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