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Here are the most recent current events / politics articles:

Religion and Its Effect on Human Belief
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During the last US election, several politicians attempted to show that certain religions were responsible for all of the issues the world is currently facing.  This ended with our current president promising, during his inaugural address,... (more »)
Time to Think About Impeachment
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okay, so with the way thing are going, we may have our first impeached president. and might I add, CALLED IT! but then we'd have Pence. now I don't know if you knew this, but there's a time bubble around Pence. it's set to the 1940's. and while... (more »)
The Fourth of July Realization
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Last night, as I watched fireworks, I came to a realization. I am extremely grateful for my life in America, although there is political controversy. I had always been proud to be American, despite my dislike for our President, but I had never... (more »)
Gerrymandering Disproportionately Benefits...
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Every ten years, American state legislatures redraw their congressional districts according to census data. The Constitution tasks them with this responsibility so all voters are fairly represented and accounted for. However, the practice of... (more »)
Pro Guns Rights Son
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There shouldn’t be gun control laws because guns keep Americans more safe. Imagine you're home alone sitting on your couch. Watching your favorite movie. Someone busts through the door.  To make things worse they're wielding... (more »)
Increase of Gun Laws
By , Grand Coulee, WA
The gun right topic is a well discussed topic in America. It is well discussed because many times a year guns are used in dangerous ways to harm people. People against guns argue that they are dangerous, and people who are fighting to keep... (more »)
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I was immediately drawn to ways in which people identify themselves and among their nation. Identification can inform comparativists of many qualities about ethnicity, nations, and citizenship/patriotism. I assume that I am highly interested in... (more »)
The Truth About Child Labor
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In the book Kids at Work, it tells the story of Manuel, a five year old boy who gets up at 3 am and goes to the shrimp cannery where he peels shrimps for the whole day. He has been doing this since he was four. Manuel is just one out of the... (more »)
The Impact of the Feminist Movement on Women in...
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On a warm Wednesday morning, July 19th 1848, in a small town in New York, 200 women led by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, joined to discuss the social, civil, religious condition, and rights of women (Seneca County Courier 1848).... (more »)
No More Factory Farms
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A factory farm is where 99 percent of animals are raised, then sold to you, but are you aware what is happening inside? Good Afternoon, Ladies and gentlemen of the United States Of America. I am Nailea an organic rancher from San Luis Obispo... (more »)
Why the Accusations Against Immigrants...
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Dear Citizens of America: The nation is looking for people on which to blame its problems. With the constant threat of terrorism, high levels of unemployment, crime, and very low wages for much of America, many turn to immigrants, who... (more »)
Why Should Immigration Equal Separation?
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Immigration is hard, but when you're separated from loved ones for a long time it makes the jounrey even harder. During the first few years of my life I was surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles and doting grandparents. I will never forget my... (more »)
Voting Issues in the U.S
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Throughout decades and centuries, America has adopted the 12th amendment know to explain the use of electoral college into article 2 section 1 of the constitution. It has grown into the current election process we have, which begins with the... (more »)
Checks and Balances
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In the United States Federal Constitution, there is a system specifically designed to limit the three separate branches (legislative, executive, and judicial) from gaining too much power/control. This is known as checks and balances in which... (more »)
Time to Take Down ISIS
By , Marlborough, MA
There has always been huge problems in this world, and there probably will always be an issue. Now we face the biggest challenge so far, ISIS.  It is time to stop waiting around and letting ISIS strike almost everyday, we need to step up... (more »)
Dear President Trump
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Dear President Trump, Before I begin, I think some congratulations are due. Amidst all the doubt and ridicule in the public eye, you really did it. You managed to win the presidency with no prior political experience whatsoever. I... (more »)
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