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A Potential Solution: School Shootings
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Many ideas come to mind when thinking about the safety of students in the United States. With the recent Parkland shooting where 17 students and teachers were killed, many are concerned for the safety of our children in the United States. Should... (more »)
Purposed Poisoning: Flint, Michigan Response to...
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Response to Pulitzer prize winner Jim Morin of the Miami Herald's political cartoon about Flint, Michigan (online). The political cartoon by Jim Morin of Miami Herald is arguing that politicians knowingly poisoned and neglected to protect the... (more »)
Robert Mueller Investigation
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Throughout the past year, special counsel investigator Robert Mueller has dug deeper into the 2016 presidential election after the US intelligence committee publically confirmed Russia’s interference. This investigation has exposed lies... (more »)
Don't Let Medicaid Fade
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The news has become extremely prevalent in today’s society. While some try to tune out as much of it as they can, others, like me and my family, are constantly trying to stay updated with the horror that has become our lives. This is because... (more »)
The Virus
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How the virus slithers languidly along the mushy, gray porridge of the brain! How it befuddles the cortexes within and short circuits the neurons! Oh, how the scarlet tendrils love to latch around a mind and crush and compress it between their... (more »)
Bullet Holes Leave Their Mark on America
By , Tokyo, Japan
Any time you say the words “mass shooting” you’re talking about America.   The US is one of the only countries that doesn't require you to have a license to purchase a gun, doesn't require you to take a... (more »)
Why I Won't Protest Today or the 20th
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As a student in the midst of student protest, it is expected to advocate for extreme change in the face of an issue that we have lived through once, and yet I cannot seem to join the underaged Russia’s White Army in their pursuit for avid... (more »)
I Have a Dream
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Valentine’s day is a day where love should envelope us all. A day where every person should be shrouded in an endless supply of endearment from the people they love. A day where for once in a world filled with violence and confusion, love... (more »)
Your Opinion
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It’s no secret that our country is going downhill. Fast. I have to say that I am ashamed to be an American. I’m only 13 years old, but I know that our founding fathers and mothers would be disappointed in us if they knew what was going on.... (more »)
With Trump
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Yesterday. The man stood in front of the crowd, above them, on a stage. “We will make this country great again.” We? We? Are we electing ourselves? Is it our job to be the president? No. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing... (more »)
Stopping School Shootings from the Inside Out
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The issue of school shootings is a very complicated one. Gun control seems to be one of the most obvious solutions to this problem, but there’s more that we can do than just that. It’s quite obvious that we need gun control to keep... (more »)
How the U.S-North Korea Dilemma Could Find...
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The issue of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula first emerged during the winter of 1985. North Korea, despite nominal compliance to the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, failed to complete a safeguard agreement with the International... (more »)
Wonder Woman's Inspiration on Feminists
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Wonder Woman has been a model of feminism since her creation in October of 1941. "[Wonder Woman] is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world," said Braunstein, author of “Wonder... (more »)
How Pinochet Came to Power
By , Brooklyn , CT
In September of 1970, Salvador Allende, Leader of the Chilean Socialist Party, won the Chilean election. Not only had he won the election but he also became the first politician with communist beliefs to take power over a country... (more »)
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Teachers Running on Low
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This past Wednesday, by the thousands, Arizona teachers and students alike started their school day wearing red. A common enough color, yet all on this most auspicious of days for one reason alone. A movement known as RedForEd. RedForEd... (more »)
Why "America First" Is for Losers
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America has long been a global leader economically, politically, and ideologically. Its greatness is bound to the founding ideals of acceptance, freedom, equality, and justice. The rhetoric and election of Donald Trump has signaled a... (more »)
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