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Here are the most recent current events / politics articles:

A Letter to Anti-Immigratns
By , wilmigton, DE
Imagine people walking through the desert day and night. Walking in high temperatures during the day and at night submitting them selves to the low temperatures. Also imagine people crossing an immense river with fast current.  The sad... (more »)
The Problems of a Unique Industry
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Video games are a major part of my life, and their influence is very evident in many aspects of it.  I've been playing games since I was 4, when I got a PlayStation 2 for my birthday.  Even now, this article is being typed on my... (more »)
Tragedy of Darkness
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Life really is so strange, one day we are alive, living happily nd the other, we're dead. On 16th of December a tragic event occured in the place I live. Terrorists came to the army public school in Peshawar and killed students, teachers and... (more »)
America Innocent? We May Need to Take Account...
Despite worldwide wars throughout history, everybody has lived through or during at least one or more conflicts. From the tiniest war to the largest World War, today’s society knows what wars are and how dangerous they are especially in... (more »)
Are We Raising the Future of The Taliban?
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December 15, 2014, Peshawar, Pakistan. One hundred and thirty-two students are massacred in a classroom designed for learning and life, not death. Now the future life-blood stains the walls, floors, papers, clothes, and innocence of the living.... (more »)
Catcalling: For Ten Hours and the Rest of Your...
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Recently, a video of a woman walking through the streets of New York City for ten hours became an internet phenomenon. However, this woman wasn’t just a normal, working class citizen, but  a planted actress who was a participant in an... (more »)
To the Taliban
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This is my response to the Taliban on behalf of the many youth who are enraged by the Peshawar school massacre that happened not less than 48hours ago.   Well done, Taliban, well done. Wherever you are, this is our message to you. You... (more »)
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Leadership is something not all people are made for. It requires both mental and physical strength to bear the weight and strain of responsibility. A leader must be able to make choices in favor of the majority of their followers, and must be... (more »)
The Real Me
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I have a good life, why am I not liking it ? It's because I want it my way. Everything the way it is and so . I know I reject people and what they brng to me but thats just the way I am. I know I can change but I don't want to, I'm... (more »)
Our Duty to Honor Those Who Have Fallen So That...
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     Nothing is better than Veterans’ Day. American students rejoice when they don't have to drag themselves to school, even if it's just for one day. Adults sigh with relief the evening before as they are allowed... (more »)
Gun Control Won't Help
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Despite conventional wisdom, new gun laws will only make it worse. Here's something to consider: the U.S. has the third most murders in the world, but if you drop Detroit, Chicago, Washington D.C., and New Orleans, the U.S. is 4th from the... (more »)
Ferguson Take On!
By , Sherwood, AR
The difference between blacks and whites is only the heritages that we carry behind us. To sit back and watch the different races come at each other in violence, because of a shooting between a white police officer and a black man tear us apart?... (more »)
By , merritt island, FL
Change is a major aspect in everyones life and is a necessary component to keep everything balanced and controlled, while making progress in todays society. Change is needed and is a positive and also negative thing ones life. It can be a... (more »)
By , merritt island, FL
Do you ever stop to think about how lucky we are to live in America?  Have you ever thought about the lives lost trying to protect us? We should all be proud of our Country. I am proud to be an American because we are like one big family.... (more »)
Are We Good or Evil? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Do you believe that humans are innately good or evil? This question was posed to my class by a substitute teacher. We were discussing whether Hamlet was a good or bad person within the context of his mental state. It was not intended to... (more »)
The Rainbow Address
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Ladies and gentlemen, the Grand Jury, the Department of Justice, the parents and relatives and friends of Michael Brown, of Trevon Martin, of Timor Rice, of Eric Garner,  the parents of Black, Latino, Asian, and Mexican boys- over the... (more »)
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