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Here are the most recent current events / politics articles:

Drones: Harming US Relations at home and Abroad
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Every day it seems there is news about a new drone strike in Pakistan or Yemen. These drone strikes have become a mainstay of the United States counter terrorism program. Though this technology is innovative and quite amazing, it is causing the... (more »)
Chicago Gang Violence Fueled by Rap Music and...
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Chicago is known to all by many nicknames, including The Second City, The Windy City, and most recently Chiraq. The nickname was given to the infamous city after an astonishing figure was released stating that in Chicago there were 419 gang... (more »)
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Not Ready for Hillary
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The frontrunner, according to several recent polls, among them Washington Post-ABC, Suffolk University, and CNN/ORC surveys, in the 2016 presidential election is Hillary Clinton. While some say it is too early to even speak of the next election, I... (more »)
A right to love.
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Since the beginning of mankind, the aspect of homosexuality has been seen as a immoral act, but in this era it has become a civil rights movement. The right to love movement is a great name for it. Here in the united states so far seventeen states... (more »)
Driving while on a cell phone
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Driving while on a cell phone ?Have you ever been driving behind someone and notice they were swerving, so you hurry up to pass them and see that they are talking on their cell phone? Although cell phones have been around for a while, and most... (more »)
No Budget Cut Left Behind
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The government’s decision to reduce the federal budget spent for higher education has been the most strategic economics move in U.S. history. American education has become too accessible. As a result, workspaces are inundated with over... (more »)
The World Around US
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As many people are aware, there have been many world wide events happening lately. Many important events just do not make the televised news and unless a person looks for it, there is a slim to no chance of them ever receiving this information.... (more »)
Pennsylvania Stabbing
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On April 9, 2014, 16 year old sophomore Alex Hribal stabbed 21 students and a security guard in Murrysville, Pennsylvania at Franklin Regional High School. He is currently being held at the local prison on 4 counts of attempted criminal homicide,... (more »)
The Iraq War: Not Justified, Never Was
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After more than two years after the last United States soldiers were withdrawn from Iraq, it’s a good time to recollect what happened in the Iraq war. The war consisted of two invasions, the first of which started on March third 2003, followed... (more »)
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(noun.) E-qual-i-ty
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Equality [ih-kwol-i-tee] (n.) plural: Equalities. Definition: 1. The State of being Equal. 2. Uniform Character Example: To take the healthy, enlighten minds in a sick, sad world, then treat them as if they're sick and sad in a... (more »)
The Almighty American Dollar
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We live in a society that is ruled by the Church of the Almighty American Dollar. Our High Priests consist of the Corrupted and the Wealthy*. Their Gospel weaved together into bite-sized nuggets of deception which are then spoon-fed to us by the... (more »)
what i'm worth
The poem "what i'm worth" by Jessica Molz describes the intimidating, tiresome work that women, especially teenage girls, go through every day just to appear good enough to influence peers' judgement. In each stanza, Jessica... (more »)
Not So Simple This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
When I was first learning to speak English, alongside it I was learning to speak Russian. When I was first learning to read English, I was also learning to read Russian. In my life, I’ve generally been exposed to heavy influence by both... (more »)
Have we Forgotten
Have we forgotten? July 4th, 1776. A day where our great ancestors as English immigrants declared themselves independent from a country, so corrupted and horrid, that they were willing to risk everything, just to leave. They risked their lives,... (more »)
The Death PEnalty
32 out of the 50 states are violating two of our Constitutional rights. One of them is to be free of cruel and unusual punishment the other is right to life. The death penalty should be abolished because it violates our constitutional rights, its... (more »)
American Spending
When you watch the news and see something about America’s debt, what goes through your mind? Where does the debt come from? Who does the United States owe? Who does the debt effect and is it important to have knowledge about it? Of course it’s... (more »)
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