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Here are the most recent current events / politics articles:

A Modest Proposal: A Completely Safe World
Guns are terrible devices that cause destruction to everyone they come into contact with, thus they need to be not only restricted but taken out of this country. From robberies, to school shootings, guns have been the mastermind of those evil... (more »)
I Can't Breath!
July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was standing outside of a convenience store. Who would have known that that would be his last place to be on earth. The situation happened in Staten Island, New York City. Eric was accused of selling single... (more »)
Gun Control: A Death Sentence
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Advocates of gun control may argue that “America is such a violent country” or “the UK bans guns and they have almost no homicides.” What they may not tell you about are the 21,603 murders that occurred in Russia, which... (more »)
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United States Involvement in Chile and Vietnam
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Countries have a large spectrum of different governing types. From monarchy to Communism, to everything in between, each different methods has its good and its bad. In the last century, most of the major developed countries favor either... (more »)
Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults?
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Juveniles are any person under the age of 18. Then why are juveniles tried as adults in certain cases? “Why is it OK to execute harsh forms of punishment s on them in the same way as that done for adults?”(Doc. B) Juveniles... (more »)
Police Being Unfair
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Police are necessary to keep our communities safe. We need to be able to trust them to protect us from danger. Currently, not everyone feels safe with police. Police have done some unnecessary things to people.... (more »)
The Effects Of Money
A lot of the people you’ll meet in life will be rude, ornery, and just plain selfish. However, this may not be just because of their attitude. The amount of money a person has and their social standing can and will make people treat those... (more »)
Racist Police
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The police should become better because some white cops are killing and beating up people of  color. Some cops have killed colored people and the judges won't do nothing to them about it let's the officers go like if nothing Happened. First,... (more »)
Dear Parents
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Dear... (more »)
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A Message to 2015 America...
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Dear People, Since I was young I’ve believe that the State of Union is the only state that we could exist within. That because it was “better” it was “best”.  That we are fine, that tomorrow will come,... (more »)
Eye of the Tiger
By , cupertino, CA
The White Tiger is what nature is all about. Unique,mighty,untouchable. Everything that we want to be and what we imagine as beautiful. But what has happened to these elegant creatures? Why have we played god and hunted them to near extinction?... (more »)
Lethal Rejection
Mahatma Gandhi once said “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” (“Quote Investigator”). The death penalty is based on the idea of ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ from Hammurabi’s... (more »)
Guns From God
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I like guns. They’re hard, shiny, they can kill or injure a man easily (my choice), you can never have too many, I can purchase them at the local Wal-Mart, and they offer a man protection like no other weapon can. My guns help me guard my... (more »)
Another Day, Another Dollar
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Imagine the following: You are a 45 year old man with a Bachelor’s degree in business. After working on Wall Street for many years, you were fired due to the downturn in the economy. You are trying to get back into night school to receive... (more »)
Social Media: It's Fault, or Yours?
 I’m not a big fan myself with social media, so I mostly steer clear. But there are billions of people online every day of every week of every year, so it’s kind of a big deal. The main purpose of social media sites is to share... (more »)
"Mary Jane"
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   You may know it as "Mary Jane", grass, or pot. You definitely don't know it as being legal in Oklahoma. Since marijuana's first recorded use, dating back more than five thousand years ago, it has never gained much popularity until the last... (more »)
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