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Here are the most recent current events / politics articles:

No to the SB277
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 Have you heard of the SB277 law? If you have not you should read this. If you have you should still read this.  The HB277 law is to make it were all kids who go to a public school,or a private school,day care or pres-school, or a... (more »)
Women in Congress, Not Trapped in the Kitchen
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The 114th United States Congress was sworn in January 3rd, 2015 and these Congressional leaders look widely different from the past 200 years. Although don’t get too excited because Congress is still 80% male and 80% white but, 104 of the... (more »)
Why We Need The Black Panther Party Now More...
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Third parties serve an important role in American politics. Even though they never win representation, ideas they promote occasionally become popular and are adopted by the two dominant parties. With this in mind, the most relevant in terms of... (more »)
Rachel Dolezal and Transethnicity
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As a black man in America, I have an ever-growing list of things that make me upset and that anger me on a daily basis. Rachel Dolezal is the latest addition to the aforementioned list. My problem with Ms. Dolezal “identifying” as a black... (more »)
The Psychology Behind Police Brutality This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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You have probably heard about the constant protests about race occurring in places like Ferguson and Baltimore. Racial inequality has become an increasingly large issue in our country. But the root of the problem? Police brutality. More and... (more »)
Let Young People Vote?
By , Newbury, United Kingdom
Yet again the question of giving 16 and 17 year-olds the chance to vote is being raised. This time it is with regards to the upcoming European referendum in which the public’s votes will determine Britain’s future relationship with... (more »)
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Emmitt Till Court Case
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With the use of evidence, eyewitness point of view, and expert opinion, the prosecution would like to convince the jury that the Bryant family should have to pay compensation to the Till family for the loss of Emmett Till on August 24th, 1955.... (more »)
Camera Surveillance Invades Privacy
A young woman goes to the back of the office building where she works to change clothes. She later learns a surveillance camera caught everything including the times when she had a severe sunburn, went to what she thought was a private area,... (more »)
Too Much Focus On Standardized Testing
Lately there has been a lot of focus on standardized testing,and how is it too harsh on students and  teachers across the country. There has been much talk about this topic in school boards all around the country. Now there are even test... (more »)
Open Your Eyes
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Do you know that the government is secretly supplying federal agencies with thousands of weapons and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition? Most people don’t because of how secretive the government is being. There are many reasons and... (more »)
The Dangers From Russia
On December 25th, 1991 the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) split into 15 countries, with the primary one being known as Russia. These countries had control of countless nuclear weaponry, from which the US gave economic aid for the... (more »)
Prisons Inc.
Like most Americans, I too hardly think about the prison system as much as I should. For most it easy to block out the troubles at prisons, but when 1% of the adult population is incarcerated we shouldn’t ignore any problem with our... (more »)
Poverty Matters: We Are The World
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The world has a population of eight billion and about a two-thirds of that population either live under a five-dollar income or unable to receive occupation, education, and healthcare. A person who is unable to have access to job, health care... (more »)
You Are Eating Mutant Corn
Scientists have learned how to insert genes into plants and animals that were never put there by nature, creating unnatural new breeds. Who knows what horrifying consequences could result from such meddling? What unintended soybean apocalypse... (more »)
The Superficiality of Social Media
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On January 17th, 2014, 19 year old Madison Holleran, who was a track star at Northern Highlands High School,  and  a freshman track runner at the  University of Pennsylvania, prepared presents to give to her family. She... (more »)
The Patriot Act
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What if I told you the government can now allow creeps in the FBI to legally stalk you? Unfortunately this is true, and you won't even know if it's happening, all thanks to the USA PATRIOT Act. The ability to let the government bypass... (more »)
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