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Here are the most recent current events / politics articles:

Jaywalking: Illegal or Just Plain Dumb?
Jaywalking has always been a problem in America. Why? I couldn't tell you the answer. What I could tell you is that out of all things, Jaywalking shouldn't be something you get tickets and charges from. I mean seriously? You're basically getting... (more »)
High Protections, Low Standards
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Teachers earn tenure as easily as kids pass kindergarten. They have to behave themselves and know some basics, but nothing special is required. Lawyer Lloyd Duhaime stated the legal definition of tenure as an appointment for an indefinite... (more »)
War to Come
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*attention* I just want to say the next war will be coming people will fight against the government.. Why you may be thinking.I could give you many reasons. 1. reason is the government is puling border patrol and letting illegal immigrants into... (more »)
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Driving the Elderly
When I was younger, my 85 year old great grandpa would drive. I’m not saying he could; I’m just saying that he did. I cannot count the number of times he rear ended or backed into people. He was not qualified to be driving anymore, but his... (more »)
PARCC Testing
Imagine, the night before the big test and you can’t fall asleep. OHHHH!!! PARCC testing tomorrow morning!!! PARCC is an assessment that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, which 3rd-11th graders take twice every year. To... (more »)
The environment has always been there for us, but are we doing our part for the environment?  Our part as human beings living on Earth, is to take care of what nature has to give us.  Nature gives us many aspects of life such as life,... (more »)
Are You "Ready for Hillary?"
 The question everyone has been asking since Hillary came out with her announcement to run for the presidency is “Are We Ready For Hillary?” To be completely honest, as much as she and her media team would like to make us... (more »)
Global Discussion on Drones as France
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On August 5th, 2009, two Hellfire missiles fired from an American Predator drone exploded in northwest Pakistan, killing a high-ranking Taliban leader, an accomplishment celebrated globally. The controversial aspect of UAVs, however, is the 530... (more »)
Same Sex Marriage
By , Plymouth, MN
Same sex marriage is a heated topic that only is becoming a problem because we dwell on the end result and our own personal feelings and don't stop to think about others happiness. The right to get married should be granted to all citizens. We... (more »)
Cakk 197
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On July 4th 2014, the most memorable firecall happened. The morning of Fourth of July did not start out the way it would for most families. I was a career firefighter and at that time my shift was over at noon. My crew woke up early in the... (more »)
"Don't Let History Repeat...
Why learn history? The most common answer is: “So that history doesn’t repeat itself.” Those are pretty words that carry no more meaning than a speck of dust does. We all know about Apartheid, a segregated government in South... (more »)
The Vicious Cycle of Mass Incarceration This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
“How often do you look at a man’s shoes?” is a famous quote from the novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King. The story depicts the life of an innocent man that get thrown into prison as he suffers through the... (more »)
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Marriage Equality
By , Cannon Falls, MN
To me, a person being gay isn’t weird or gross or different because I have grown up around openly gay people. I didn’t know that people of different sexual orientations wasn’t the norm until after I had moved to a small town... (more »)
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All of Us
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It's inarguable: There is a system which is obviously, undeniably destructive toward a sectionalized portion of OUR community, and it's a necessity that we focus on ways to remedy this circumstance.  This, however, does not produce or... (more »)
ISIS. Time to rise against
By , duluth, MN
Friends, my fellow americans. We all are very aware of the threat lingering in the middle east, the islamic radical group known as ISIS. These “people” have gone and done so much wrong in the span of a few months and are still... (more »)
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Child Abuse
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“Mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, beating, and sexual molestation.” This is the everyday, common dictionary definition of child abuse. This is what most people think when they hear the words... (more »)
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