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Here are the most recent current events / politics articles:

The Anti-Vaccination Movement: Spreading...
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“Outdated” diseases, such as measles, have affected over 900 people in the past three years in the United States. “Informed” celebrities, such as Dr. Oz, have spread misconceptions about autism in relation to... (more »)
Why Communism Is Awful
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“Communism is a system of social and political organization in which all property is owned in common, and everyone can take as much as they need, but in return must work as hard as possible.” That is the definition of communism, and... (more »)
Congressional Gerrymandering Should Be Banned...
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In today’s supposedly free American democracy, you probably think that “we the people” choose our congressional representatives to represent us, right? Well you'd be wrong. You don't choose your congressional... (more »)
The Controversy Over Euthanasia
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Euthanasia is a widely controversial topic. However, its availability should increase so the suffering can receive the treatment that is best for them. Euthanasia is not a bright topic, and we don't want to talk about. But we need to.... (more »)
Need for Free Access to Birth Control
Recently the debate on women’s contraceptives has become an intense issue in the media. With President Trump threatening to take them away all together, now is the time for women to fight back. The population of people who are... (more »)
Argument Against Assisted Suicide
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A very controversial topic, yet maybe one of the most controversial topics in America today would be should assisted suicide be legal? There are many opinions about this. One opinion obviously being no and that anyone who partakes in it is... (more »)
Should Italians Pay for Global Refugee Policy...
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According to a BBC News article 170,973 people arrived by sea to Italy in 2016 seeking asylum.  (A protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their country as a political refugee). With these statistics, Italy will soon be... (more »)
Antisemitism in Modern America
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Unfortunately, antisemitism seems to be rising from the ashes that the Holocaust left behind several decades ago. Politicians and American citizens who were once too reluctant to admit an admiration for the Nazi regime now feel safe to speak... (more »)
Privacy Rights
By , lawrence, KS
In recent months the US government has been looking for a way to hack into one of the highest used technology companies in the world. The government has been searching and trying to get into an Apple iphone that was recently used by a terrorist... (more »)
The Safe Space Disgrace
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How do you react when a person verbally offends you? Do you act mature by discussing the problem with them, or by simply ignoring them? Maybe you get aggravated, and respond by shouting at them? Or do you run off to a place where that person... (more »)
The Elephant in the Classroom
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Pollution. Deforestation. Climate change. These are all collective issues in modern day society that are enhancing and provoking many challenging obstacles in our central government.  However, there is a single, extensive, problem that... (more »)
Protecting Our Democracy Through Journalism This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“Is there any bias?” This is the first question I ask my dad when I slap my school newspaper into his hands the second he gets home from work. My dad is that guy who gets all his news from Fox, argues intensely with family members... (more »)
The Weapon of Stature
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Religion is meant to give a person hope, answers to unavoidable questions, and reasons to stay alive; years of torment from someone’s childhood should not be an event that should be faced in a person of faith. The Roman Catholic Church... (more »)
The Misundersrtanding
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Fake news is deliberate hoax news that is sent out from social media or feeds. The main intention of it is to get as many views as possible and spread out false news that will shock and confuse other people. They are not actual facts, but... (more »)
Thoughts On Censorship
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Rather jejune is the notion that the dissemination of controversial or threatening ideas through the written word could be stemmed with censorship. Unencumbered by societal expectations and law, the mind runs free with all sorts of ideas—the... (more »)
United States Security Since 9/11
By , Fairfield, OH
Surveillance in the United States has been able to greatly advanced through the use of technology. We Americans are constantly being watched through our phone, calls, text messages, social media accounts, emails and credit card usage.... (more »)
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