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Political Corruption

April 25, 2018
By Anonymous

Political Corruption. When someone puts those two words together, I get this feeling deep in my stomach. It’s almost like anger. Anger that someone that has any sort of power or influence like that would accept money or abuse there position for their own gain, and sometimes at the expense of the general public.

Dictionary.coms definition of corruption is moral perversion; depravity. Bribery. Corrupt or dishonest proceedings. Do we really want someone who accepts money to change a law that will affect how we live, or someone who will turn a blind eye when their palms are greased?

For example  the DCS scandal. In that case and many more the actual money is very hard to track. And most of the time you cannot catch someone doing these things because they have power and money and can make people either disappear or pay them off.

According to NBCDFW, former Dallas County Schools Superintendent Rick Sorrells admitted to receiving 3 million dollars in bribes to enter the company into a 75 million dollar contract. There were unnamed companies that are in the contract but the only one that was providing cameras was Force Multiplier Solutions. This man accepted money for His own gain. This man is politically corrupt and immoral. He is just one of the few people who have been caught. He could be sentenced to ten years in jail an when he get our he will have no job options.

When someone does something like this and ruins the trust people have with political or powerful figures they deserve everything they get. This is a huge problem that is going on and will continue to happen unless the public can stop it, we need more powerful people to not do these terrible things and we need the ones who have to be found and taken down.

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