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Why Control It, When You Can Fix It?

April 25, 2018
By Anonymous

As of 2018, there have been multiple school shootings.  Every day, students fear for their lives and parents fear sending their children off to school.  Nothing could be worse than not feeling safe, and in a world like today, where a killer could be lurking around every corner, there seems to be no solution.  However, I’m here today to present you with one. One of the most recent proposals from the federal government is to train school teachers and professors how to fire a gun in order to keep students safe in times of an attack.  Yep, that’s right, students will have their sixty-year-old math teacher equipped like Rambo, ready at a moment’s notice to take down whatever attacker comes their way. Even the school librarians will be walking around with some sort of killing machine strapped to their chest, except it may have a silencer, like, it’s still a library.  Yet, I don’t think this is enough.

When people are asked what makes them feel safe, obviously having a form of protection would be one of the main reasons. Therefore, instead of sending our students to school with just a backpack and the latest style from J Crew and Calvin Klein, every student must be equipped with a weapon of their choice and a bullet proof vest.  The weapon requirement must meet the standard of being able to fire no less than ten rounds per second or have a blast radius of ten meters in distance (Yes, that includes grenades and lock-on missiles).

As much as I love the idea of simply arming teachers, there are still many issues.  What if the teacher is the shooter? What if the teacher fails at protecting the students in time of crisis?  In order to eliminate these issues, students should be armed as well. In fact, students should be required to take gun safety and firing range classes as early as first grade.  Furthermore, guns should be assigned at birth to get every child accustomed to it as soon as possible. This way, with everyone being trained to be a skilled marksman, nobody would dare fire a gun. 


Everyone would feel protected because they are armed, and every school shooter would be worried because they know that everyone around them is an excellent shot and that they would have no chance of making it out alive.
Another point I have yet to cover is how this will improve the world in general.  More guns equal more protection. This idea will not only improve safety within schools, but it will improve safety around the world.  Tell me, wouldn’t you feel safe if you had a LMG (Light Machine Gun) by your side at all times? Knowing that if someone attacks you, you can whip out forty pounds of cool steel and fire off thirty rounds per second and not only kill your attacker, but completely destroy whatever dry wall stands in your way.  Now, when someone attacks you, you can survive and have a justifiable reason to redo the house! You can even destroy that hideous painting your grandparents gave you last Christmas and replace it with something that’s more your style!

The list of benefits for arming every individual in the United States can go on and on.  As stated before, more guns equal more protection, and without guns, what would we do? If there was no such thing as a firearm, people would always live in fear.  How would someone defend themselves if they don’t have a gun to stop their attackers? The only way to really feel safe would to be to know that no attacker has a gun at all, but what am I saying? That’d mean you’d have to ban guns, and that’s just crazy talk!

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