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Is Donald Trump Being Treated Unfairly by the Media?

April 23, 2018
By Reathi BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh City, Other
Reathi BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh City, Other
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Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States Of America. Donald Trump also is perhaps the MOST controversial president the U.S has ever had. With the media portraying him in a way where people might find it suiting, or outright unfair, this is the time to uncover the truth behind Donald Trump. So is he really as bad as he is? Or is it just a stirred-up hoax conjured by the media?

This happened at school around November 2016, the month the presidential elections happened (uncoincidentally), I was walking down the stairs at around 9:45, right after my school’s first block ended. Let’s just say, my friend and I, uhh… let’s just call him James.

So James and I walk down the staircase and overhear people talking about the presidential election that was going on. At that same time, James had to go use the bathroom. I had this itching feeling that he was going to avoid all this chatter. I, as the usual curious little 7th grade child at that time, was going to overhear what those fine people were saying. And let’s just say, things were more toxic-
Than a nuclear plant.

When I first entered the conversation, people were just numerously bashing Trump. Using slurs I would prefer not to say even one including the word Megalomaniac!
Until I realize that James was never with me.
And I wasn’t even part of the conversation.
You see, James was already part of that anti-trump posse saying the slurs so verbally that I could even hear it about a good 5 feet away from the clique.

I then approached the group with the intent to question their beliefs, as I LOVE a good debate. I asked those good people what was so bad about this blonde haired gentleman. But their reason made me basically,
Want to build a wall around them and make them pay for it all.

Constantly I was told about how Trump was a racist and that… was about it! I asked them about where they got their info and like a broken record, they repeated the same thing. The media.

CNN, BBC, etc. It seems that most mainstream news channels seem to be against Trump. Without substantial evidence, I left the conversation with mixed feelings. Trump is a terrible person right? Isn’t Hillary the poster child as a candidate, already serving in The White House previously?


One of the stories you might have heard of is Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

To give you a synopsis, James Comey, a FBI director, identified 110 emails containing information that was deemed as classified as the same time it was sent. These emails consisted of 65 emails deemed “secret” and and 22 of them deemed “top secret.” This however, plays a big role, as in Clinton’s non-disclosure agreement, unmarked classified info has the same level or should be treated the same as marked classified information. This means that a letter “C” meant “confidential” in front of one or more paragraphs. These were not part of the 110 emails James Comey found, as the State Department failed in trying to confirm if the emails were classified at the time it was sent. Clinton told the FBI that she had no idea what the letter “C” meant at that time. Nearly 2,100 emails on the server were marked as classified by the State Department.  The use of these confidential emails violate the rules of the State Department, with Hillary using her server and not the State Departments. (Hillary Clinton’s email problem)

In the paragraph above, I have talked about Hillary and her email scandal. Hillary stating that she did not know what the letter “C” meant is downright oblivious. As a secretary of state, you are supposed to know what simple letters mean and the basics of these terms. This proves however, that Hillary was not fit to be the president of The United States, and was ultimately not voted in.

Trump however, has not done something in my opinion, to this serious of a magnitude, because he is a respected, well-behaved man with a lot of class along with him.

Except when he’s blown out of proportion and treated unfairly by the Media.

"Look at the way I’ve been treated lately, especially by the media,” Trump said on Wednesday during a speech to the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut. “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.” (Guardian)

That was what Trump had to say regarding him and the media. Obviously the media reports news on certain subjects and topics. However, the media has been biased against Trump in many different shapes, ways and forms.

When Donald J. Trump won the presidential election in 2016, this came to a surprise or a shock to many voters, analysts and journalists. Even so then The Upshot by the New York Times gave Hillary Clinton an 85 percent chance to win the whole election even as the returns began to come in.  (Katz)

Not only that, everybody is quick to defend Hillary when it comes to accusations revolving around her. But yet no one is quick to defend Trump. The main reasons people come up with about Trump is that he’s a racist and not a really nice man. But do we really need a nice man when it comes to governing a massive society, you can’t make everybody happy.

Yes, I understand that people do make mistakes and can be a range from bad to worst. But by moving to the future, you must blow away the ashes of the past. I wish that people take action and really think about any other reasons on why he is so bad. You know those videos about voting for this politician or voting for this certain man? Those videos are probably as useful as giving a bald man a comb. But to others it’s like giving
A Leprechaun a pot full of gold.

People nowadays eat everything they see regardless of where. They are mindlessly gullible. This is why i’m not making a so called “persuasion video” on why Donald Trump is not bad. Actions speak louder than words. There might be a 50 to 50 chance on whether Donald Trump will be a good and serviceable president. But there will definitely be a 0 percent chance. If we don’t give Donald Trump the fairness he deserves.

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