Whats the deal with Gun Control!?

April 24, 2018
By Anonymous

Gun control is a hot topic in politics and the news right now. With last years vegas shooting and this years parkland high school shooting, both committed with an assault rifle, many people believe some sort of gun reform is needed. I’m here to say Assault rifle/guns are not the problem, people’s mental health is, and we can’t get them the help we need if pro-gun points of view are censored like they are right now.

First off assault rifles can not be blamed for the shootings, but people can. From 1983 to 1998 there was never more than 35 deaths a year from mass shootings. Now since 1998 the total deaths a year has reached over 35 nine times. The cause of this must be people, because if anything guns laws have become more strict since then yet mass shootings are on the rise. Another thing is anti-gun people, or “Gun Reformers” are pushing for a universal assault rifle ban. Their main argument is that they are military grade weapons in the hands of a regular citizen. The problem with that statement is they are not “Military Grade Assault Weapons”, they are simply sporting rifles. No nation in their right mind would send soldiers to war with the weapons american citizens can buy unless they had no other option.

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